The Meaning and Benefits to Society of Economic Liberty and Economic Freedom

Economic liberty is the freedom to purchase, trade and consume goods and services without the use of force, fraud or theft.
The Wall Street Journal recently published an article “When the Market Meets Morality” telling the positive story of Father Sirico, a parish priest preaching the virtues of economic freedom and why such free enterprise concepts benefit his parish of working-class people.

From top Business Executive to CEO of a Nonprofit, a fresh perspective on CSR

If not for a broken water main that flooded her street, Andrea Custis, in her role as a senior executive at Verizon, would have been at a meeting at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Tragically, she “lost people that day in both buildings—the Trade Center & the Pentagon” from that devastating terror attack.
Still, Andrea rushed to the scene the next day at the request of President George Bush. The President recognized the need to get the American Financial district back up, because “we need to send a message” — definitive proof to the world that the United States, while desolate, was not defeated.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility works for companies and the community

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies as well as professional organizations in a free market environment are motivated to solve problems. They do this by seeking to improve products, services and processes that are attractive to customers or employees or business performance or any combination. Interestingly, of the present Fortune 500 companies, only 58 were on the list in 1955. That’s because of innovation and “creative disruption” that continually rejuvenates the economy.

The Vision for Growth is Becoming a Reality – The Satell Institute Expands

In late 2017 Ed Satell shared his long-term vision with the Advisory Board of the Satell Institute for the Institute’s Membership goal of 10,000 companies and foundations supporting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) across the country. This would have a giving impact of over a billion dollars a year to nonprofits of the members’ choice.

Early Role of CSR in Building Whole Foods to an $8 Billion Business

John Mackey spent several undistinguished years in college and left without a degree. But, after actualizing a life-long commitment to healthy nutrition and opening a small health food store, he did manage to successfully build that venture into a chain of stores we know as Whole Foods Market.

Satell Conference highlights the inspiring benefits CEOs look for in CSR

On April 10, 2019 nearly 150 prominent CEOs from the Philadelphia region and beyond gathered for the Satell Institute Private CEO Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The purpose of the conference was for the CEO attendees to learn about CSR, share successes, and have idea exchange about how to build thriving communities.

National Librarian of the Year Speaks on the Power of Transformative Partnerships with Businesses

It was a paradigm shift. In the past libraries were primarily about books. Today libraries serve an amazingly wide range of learning and information needs. They run from computer training to early literacy, from job search assistance and teaching English to yoga classes, from preschool story time to healthy cooking classes, from exploring travel adventures to how to handle personal taxes, and much more.