For CSR Veteran Wohlsen Construction Company, Satell Institute Provides Continued Learning



For more than 130 years, Wohlsen Construction Company, an award-winning construction company serving the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions, has made community involvement an important part of their business across the geographic footprint where they work and live. As a long-time practitioner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Wohlsen President & CEO Gary Langmuir, who has been with the company since 1980, says that community involvement is something he believes in personally. He noted, “Like Ed [Satell, Founder of the Satell Institute], I have a mindset to be supportive to communities. As a result, it’s something that’s highly encouraged at Wohlsen.”

In fact, Wohlsen’s CSR efforts can be seen throughout the company going back for decades. While most CSR programs originate from the top with leaders facing a substantial undertaking to extend this strategy throughout the organization, Wohlsen has a unique approach that makes every employee a representative of the company’s values. Their empowering CSR approach is based on three parts:

Wohlsen Construction Company Foundation
Many years ago, a foundation was established that would allow the company to support capital campaigns no matter the current economic environment.

Regional Outreach
Wohlsen is a multi-state organization with offices across six regions. Each region has been authorized to support its local communities and lead initiatives, allowing the teams to bring in their deeper understanding of the area to best decide where their contributions are needed most.

Ground Up Approach
Wohlsen encourages all team members to make recommendations for CSR programs and request contributions go to a specific cause.

“Our team members can provide support in numerous ways,” said Langmuir. “Whether it’s securing funding, donating their time and skills, or using Wohlsen’s Operation Center as the host site for meetings as we do with the ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) Mentor Program.” Wohlsen’s team members have created authentic relationships with the communities they operate in. Over the years they have supported national initiatives such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and Boy Scouts of America, as well as regional programs including Homefields Care Farm, Kisses for Kaeden, Wilmington Downtown Garden, and the Food Bank of Delaware. “Our ability to be successful comes from the strength of our community, so it’s important to give back to the community,” added Langmuir.

Continued Learning with the Satell Institute
When Langmuir was first introduced to the SateII Institute (SI), he was drawn to the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and discuss their CSR approaches. The Institute, a Think and Do Tank dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, was created to champion the idea that CSR is an essential part of modern business. He noted, “The Satell Institute provides incredible opportunities to learn, to connect with other leaders, and enhance your business.” As part of their membership in the Satell Institute, Wohlsen Construction Company committed to generously supporting not one, but two organizations – Messiah College and Lancaster Country Day School – for four years.

Langmuir believes that the SI events are extremely valuable for experienced CEOs and those who are newer to the organization, featuring peer-to-peer discussions and business-nonprofit forums that provide an exclusive opportunity to discover new approaches to CSR, best practices, and more. “If you’re new to CSR, if you believe you should be doing it but don’t know how to tackle it,” said Langmuir, “the Satell Institute gives you the tools to put into action.”

The Satell Institute Continues to
Welcome New Members


We are excited to have membership at the Satell Institute continue to grow as great companies and private businesses and foundations choose to support CSR initiatives. This week we welcome new member Leo Parsons, CEO & President of Communications Test Design, Inc. (CTDI). CTDI is a full-service, global engineering, repair and logistics company providing best-cost solutions to the communications industry. CTDI is a philanthropic leader in Chester County.

CTDI chose to support the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW) for four years as part of their membership in the Satell Institute. YGBW is an association of eight YMCAs across Chester County that offer life-changing programs for children, families, adults, and seniors. They strive to be a catalyst for improving the quality of life and well-being for all in their community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

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