Academic Research on CSR

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Journal of Management

Beyond Good Intentions: Designing CSR Initiatives for Greater Social Impact

This article discusses the progression of literature focused on assessing the performance of CSR initiatives. The authors offer a new approach to CSR research designs to better measure impact over activity.
1 / 2020
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies

Defining the Socially Responsible Leader: Revisiting Issues in Responsible Leadership

This article renews an exchange of letters regarding the meaning of responsible leadership for senior executives engaging in CSR.
8 / 2019
Business & Society

When Is There a Sustainability Case for CSR? Pathways to Environmental and Social Performance Improvements.

This article seeks to understand the pathway of improved environmental and social performance from CSR. To do this, they develop a theoretical framework to examine pathways from institutional pressures through CSR management to sustainability performance.
3 / 2018
International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR commitments, perceptions of hypocrisy, and recovery

Highlights the results of two studies covering the impact of a business’ social responsibility initiatives on repute, brand and customer loyalty while cautioning that CSR efforts must be genuine in their motivation or risk consumer backlash.
3 / 2020
MIT Sloan Management Review

A Crisis of Ethics in Technology Innovation

Technology companies are being forced to find their way as they innovate the customer experience and face scrutiny from that same public. At issue are the values on which free and civilized society rests.
3 / 2020
MIT Sloan Management Review

The Social Responsibility of Business is to Create Value for Stakeholders

Argues that business needs a new story, one that champions responsible capitalism.
1 / 2018
Former CEO

“Nonprofits have a sense of relief when they know they will have the resources that they will need to accomplish their mission. It enables them to plan ahead and use their time most effectively. This is one of the factors that attracted us to the Satell Institute in the first place. As a corporate affiliate of the Satell Institute, we are benefiting from best practices and learning from other organizations that are taking Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level. We’re always looking to get better at what we do, and this opportunity takes another step in that direction.”