Membership Benefits

Become part of a collective force of
businesses and foundations, partnering with nonprofits to serve the greater good.

When you join the Satell Institute, you're in good company.

You’re part of a group of business leaders who believe that supporting nonprofits is one of the most important ways to help improve communities. Join today and get all the benefits of membership.

Membership Features

Trusted Partnerships

Develop long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations between businesses, foundations, and nonprofits.

Trusted CEO Relationships

Meet changemakers with common goals, discuss big ideas with fellow leaders and build relationships based on shared values. 

Conferences & Summits

Experienced thought leaders presenting on the future of corporate social responsibility at an exclusive conference for our members.

No Membership Dues or Fees

The Satell Institute is fully supported by an endowment that covers all its operating expenses. You pay no membership dues, and 100 percent of your contributions go directly to the nonprofits you choose.

Freedom to Sponsor Whichever Nonprofits You Want

SI members support their nonprofits of choice. You make the decision, not anyone else.

A Seat at the Table for Your Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit partners also become affiliate members of the Satell Institute, allowing them to attend SI’s powerful Nonprofit Summits.

CEO Praise for the Satell Institute

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