The Satell Institute is the leading CEO organization dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Vertex CEO David DeStefano, Fall 2022 CEO Conference chair

A collective force of businesses and foundations, partnering with nonprofits to serve the greater good.

At the Satell Institute, we believe community is every leader’s business.


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As a member of the Satell Institute, you get access to our invitation-only CEO conferences and nonprofit summits. Tap into the brightest minds. Share innovations and challenges. Expand your understanding of the business case for CSR.

Spring 2024 Private CEO Conference

May 21, 2024

The May 21st CEO Conference on AI for Good drew record crowds and exceptional learning opportunities!

See more of this innovative conference!

Spring 2024 CEO Conference in Philadelphia

The SI Think Tank: The Latest CSR Interviews and Resources

Mark Baiada
Bayada Home Health Care

“The Satell Institute’s mission can benefit companies and communities around the nation and the world. I can see every city having their own Satell Institute chapter, carrying out the Institute’s vision of a Collective Force of Businesses and Nonprofits for the Greater Good.”