Our Membership Model

The Satell Institute’s innovative approach to membership fosters deep relationships — strengthening companies, nonprofits and communities

Membership in the Satell Institute is open to CEOs (and CEO equivalents) of companies and foundations.

To become a member, a company or foundation must commit to giving at least $25,000 per year for four years — a minimum of $100,000 — to one or more nonprofit organizations of its choosing. Many members choose to support multiple nonprofits at even higher levels.

Why do you require a four-year commitment?

No business can operate with a one-year financial plan. Neither can a nonprofit.

Because most of their resources are invested in people and programming, multi-year giving allows nonprofits to plan, implement, and measure. 

Four years means that funding does more than enable survival, it propels progress.

Are members free to support any nonprofit they want?

Yes. Members may contribute to any nonprofit of their choice, and they may support as many nonprofits as they wish.

Are there any membership dues or fees?

No. The Satell Institute is fully endowed by its founder, so no fees are required. One hundred percent of all donations committed go directly from the for-profit member to their nonprofit partner(s). No funds go to or pass through the Institute.

Can nonprofits become members?

Organizations supported by our members become Nonprofit Affiliates of the Institute and are invited to participate in conferences and events. A nonprofit may not become a member without corporate or foundation sponsor.

Henri Moore

VP, Head of Responsible Business


“Multi-year funding is a critical part of any CSR program. However, almost as important is the level of involvement between the for-profit company and their nonprofit partner. You can’t just throw money at an issue, and you can’t unilaterally decide how to help people. That’s where the Satell Institute comes in – they make the connection and their multi-year funding commitment ensures each side is held accountable to results.”

Learn More About Membership

To begin the membership process, please email us: membership@satellinstitute.org.