Foundation Founder Explains How CSR is Helping Him Move from Business Success to Community Significance


The Rosenberg Family. From left to right,
Andrew, Jaimie, 
Marjorie, David and Melanie.

Through his generous contributors of time and money to several nonprofits, David Rosenberg has become a top civic leader in the Greater Philadelphia area. His Foundation is impacting the lives of people in his community, including his own children. “Our Family Foundation is a formalized vehicle for teaching them the benefits of philanthropy.”

The David and Marjorie Rosenberg Family Foundation assists a wide variety of nonprofits in the underserved community, with emphasis in the areas of ethics, higher education, health care and civic and community engagement.

David started the Foundation with the proceeds from the sale of his environmental insurance business in 1994.
“In my business, I was involved in CSR,” says David. “When I sold it, my wife Marjorie and I realized that we were able to open some personal bandwidth for ourselves that would give us an opportunity to have more direct participation in philanthropy.”

Instilling the value of “giving back” to their three children was part of the plan.

“One of the Foundation’s first efforts was supporting the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Reach Out and Read Program. I thought this was the right cause for getting my children involved in philanthropy,” says David.

The Reach Out and Read Program gives young children a base for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together. Pediatricians provide a book to their patients during their wellness visits. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends early literacy programs like this as an essential component of pediatric care. However, there were few CHOP pediatric centers providing books, and the ones doing so only had a handful of books.

“My wife Marjorie and I decided we were going to make a significant imprint on this program and helped expand the program to numerous CHOP pediatric centers.”

“The gift we began years ago is still making a world of difference to underprivileged children. This year Reach Out and Read achieved a milestone by giving away our 1 millionth book in the community,” adds David.

“This program still has an impact on my own kids today.”

“They were involved in book drives and collecting money. It opened their eyes, and started them on their path of becoming philanthropic.”

“Today, I can safely say my children are altruistic. They understand what giving back means to the community and to themselves. I believe they will teach their children what we taught them, and keep up the important work being done by our Family Foundation.”

“It’s rewarding to work with my local community.”

David serves on many regional organizations including The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Institutional Advancement Committee, Special Olympics of Pennsylvania Board of Directors, Penn State Brandywine Advisory Board and the Einstein Healthcare Network Board of Overseers.

“I get great satisfaction helping my community, which is why I chose to get involved with Penn State Brandywine. Many people want to give to University Park because it is the main campus, yet there are other Commonwealth campuses that are in much greater need. I can get to the Brandywine campus in 20 minutes. I can reach out, touch it and engage more. My dollars go a lot further, and are recognized and appreciated a little bit more.”

“Being hands on and seeing my dollars at work is far more rewarding than just writing a check.”

“For instance, I am getting to know students at Penn State Brandywine who are so appreciative for the scholarships provided. Or seeing the excitement of special Olympians who have the opportunity to come to Villanova from Lancaster County to participate in their sport. Or seeing the smiles on kids’ faces when I am reading to them in the waiting room at Children’s Hospital,” says David.

“If I was not doing this I don’t know what I would be doing. Helping those who are in need makes me feel really good, and gives me a profound sense of satisfaction.”

Why the David and Marjorie Rosenberg Family Foundation is part of Satell Institute.

“The Satell Institute gives our Foundation the opportunity to make an impact on Corporate Social Responsibility. I am excited being involved with many people who feel similarly about the importance of CSR. Another reason we joined is that we wanted to be part of a collective force where all members share a common goal; that is to strengthen the well-being of our communities through philanthropy.”

“The Satell Institute provides members a strong forum for academic research and engagement with the priority of making our world a better place. This has always been the philosophy of our Foundation! We welcome the opportunity to align our giving with the philosophies of the Satell Institute and its members, which will continue to enhance and strengthen the community in which we live,” concludes David.

Citizens Bank
Joins the Satell Institute

The Satell Institute is proud to welcome Citizens Bank as a member of the Collective Force of Businesses & Nonprofits for the Greater GoodTM.

Citizens Bank is one of the region’s leading financial institutions that takes great pride in supporting the communities they serve. Citizens Bank gives to organizations that are making a difference locally by enhancing quality of life and economic vitality in their communities.

One of these is Project Home, a Philadelphia nonprofit organization. Its mission is to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness through affordable housing, employment, health care, and education. In joining the Satell Institute, Citizens Bank has pledged a yearly donation for four years to enable this outstanding nonprofit to continue its meaningful work.

Citizens Bank is the latest in a rapidly growing number of businesses and foundations to join the Satell Institute.

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