Youth Enrichment Series (YES) FAQs

A Wide-Variety of Enrichment Education Courses for the Region’s Children & Young People (K-12)

Presented by the Satell Institute in Partnership with the Region’s Top Nonprofit Educational Institutions

You should find answers to the most common questions asked about the YES enrichment education course program here. If your question isn’t addressed, please contact the nonprofit organizations directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take the enrichment education courses?

This incredible learning opportunity is available to all K-12 students in the Greater Philadelphia region. YES courses are free for all students thanks to generous scholarships provided by the Satell Institute and its Business and Foundation Members (for students who meet the nonprofit presenter’s criteria).

When are the enrichment education courses available?

The YES program’s enrichment education courses are available afterschool and during the day in the summer from May through September. Plans are underway to extend course availability into the Fall.

How do I register for a course?

Choose what interests you most! Explore the catalog, choose a topic, and click the register now button. You will automatically be taken to the course registration page for that course. Fill in the form and get ready for your fun, interactive and engaging course. Say YES to learning and a better future.

What types of courses are available?

Courses are available for children and young people in grades K-12 with subjects covering Science & Technology, Arts & Culture, Math, Civics & Social Studies, Health & Wellness, History, Outdoors & Environment, Business & Entrepreneurship and much more. All courses are developed by the nonprofit educational institutions that are experts in their field.

Why was this program created?

The Satell Institute-Nonprofit Youth Enrichment Series (YES) program was designed to make a better education and future attainable for children and young people. These high-quality interactive virtual enrichment courses provide fun learning experience where students can expand their knowledge and engage with their peers.

What is the Satell Institute?

The Satell Institute is an organization dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility, supporting the community, its businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and the people that live or work throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Learn more about the Satell Institute’s impact at

Who are the nonprofit partners involved with the Satell Institute-Nonprofit Youth Enrichment Series?

For a full list of Satell Institute-Nonprofit Youth Enrichment Series partners, click here.
Big Brothers, Big Sisters

The Satell Institute is bringing like-minded people together to spread a message that nonprofits frankly need right now. The problems that we are trying to solve are getting bigger and bigger and the resources are getting smaller and smaller. What Ed Satell and the Satell Institute are trying to do is create ambassadors and champions who are of influence and who can get more people off the sidelines to really get involved in helping us to solve these issues.