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These enrichment education courses provide fun, interactive experiences where students can expand their knowledge and engage with their peers in instructor led social interactions.
Whether your student is a future rocket scientist, history teacher, musician, firefighter, business leader, athlete, or politician, with courses by Learn Fresh (NBA Math Hoops program), The Franklin Institute, The Mann Center, the Museum of the American Revolution and many more of the leading nonprofit organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area, you and your children can choose while learning straight from the subject matter experts.
Best of all, these courses are free, thanks to generous scholarships provided by the Satell Institute and its Business and Foundation Members.
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Courses by Subject

Discover the wonders of science, from chemistry to computer coding to cutting-edge tech

Become a math pro with slam dunk skills with help from the Philadelphia 76ers

Express yourself with courses in art, music, dance and more

Prepare for the future with lessons from the past

Be a good citizen and make a difference in your community, country and beyond

Learn what it takes to succeed in business and develop your financial literacy

From cooking to fixing things with household tools, learn skills for life

Take care of your mind, body and soul through exercise and self-care

Explore our beautiful planet and how we impact the environment

Courses by Grade

Elementary School (GRADES K-5)

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

High School (GRADES 9-12)

Photos courtesy of Boy Scouts of America Cradle of Liberty, Caron Foundation, Coded by Kids, Franklin Institute, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, Junior Achievement of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Learn Fresh, The Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Museum of the American Revolution, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Additional photos courtesy of Maria Thalassinou, Kyle Gregory, David Tran, Ralston Smith, Oliver Paashe, Rachel Zigmund, Alex Kondratiev, Elena Rouame, Kelly Sikkema, Sam Bayle, and Thomas Park on Unsplash.

Marc Brownstein

What a smart way for nonprofits to be able to help educate the next generation with enrichment topics students are passionate about. The Satell Institute helps solve another critical problem in our community.