The Satell Institute is the leading CEO member organization for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Be a part of a collective force of purpose-driven companies.

As an SI member, you belong to a tight-knit group of CEOs working together to build a better world. Join us and deepen your company’s social impact.

Share ideas, expand your network.

SI’s invitation-only CEO conferences let you forge strong ties with like-minded business leaders. And our exclusive content keeps you plugged in to impactful CSR trends. 

Attract and retain top talent.

Today’s most talented employees are seeking out organizations committed to CSR. An SI membership sends a strong signal about your values and culture. 

Create lasting change.

SI’s unique, four-year giving model provides nonprofits with critical long-term support. Make a commitment-and make a difference that lasts. 

Pay no dues or fees.

The Satell Institute is supported by an endowment that covers all its operating expenses. There are no membership dues, and 100 percent of contributions go directly to nonprofits.

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