CSR 101

Basics of Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate: The Business World is Reacting. 

Social Responsibility: The Business World is Making a Difference. 

Backbone of CSR

Nonprofit-Corporate Partnerships: A New Framework

Stanford Social Innovation Review, October 2015

A History of Corporate Social Responsibility: Concepts and Practices

The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility, 2008

A Framework for Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility Programs as a Continuum: An Exploratory Study

Journal of Business Ethics, January 2007

The Blended Value Proposition: Integrating Social and Financial Returns

California Management Review, Summer 2003

Fault Lines in the Intersection Between Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

UNSW Law Journal, 2002

Profits for Nonprofits: Find a Corporate Partner

Harvard Business Review, November – December 1996

Comprehensive Course on CSR

Our massive open online course (MOOC) provides a comprehensive overview of the CSR landscape at no charge. 

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