Update on Leadership in a Time of Crisis


On Monday May 4th, the Satell Institute announced the Ed Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity, an emergency funding initiative to support the widely diverse Nonprofit Affiliate Members of the Institute so hugely affected by the Covid-19 crisis and economic downturn.

The Institute’s proactive challenge for the benefit of the hard hit nonprofits that contribute so much value to our community was a matching gift opportunity thanks to a $1,000,000 contribution of personal funds by Founder Ed Satell. An ambitious deadline of May 31st was set for the matching opportunity. We had reasonable expectations that our Members would respond, but we were overwhelmed by the speed and generosity of the response.

Below is our final report, listing the donors and some of their comments.  Humbly, we say THANK YOU to all who participated.  This is a Business, Foundation & Individual response to Corporate Social Responsibility that is inspiring and energizing for the nonprofit community. Thinking WE, not me, in action!


On Monday morning, June 1st, the Match closed with every dollar
So many Members were inspired to choose to contribute considerably
more than their match to the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice!

The total raised in May to support our Nonprofit Affiliates is

Our Generous Members were so passionate about supporting nonprofits, they
chose to meet the four-year commitment requirement and added 6 new
nonprofits as Institute Nonprofit Affiliates!

Thank you, Corporations, Foundations, Members, Individuals—Friends!

Contributors are listed in order of date of contribution, so new contributors are listed at the end. Some are among the biggest in the region, some midsize or smaller and others are highly committed individuals, all supporting the well-being of our needed nonprofits who contribute so much to our community. Our thanks to all who have allowed us to publish their names and their inspiring quotes! 

    1. Daniel R. Tropeano, CEO
      UnitedHealthcare of PA & DE, $10,000
      Thank you for your leadership, compassion, and generosity. 


    1. John L. Walsh, CEO
      UGI Corporation, $10,000-PLUS
      Ed’s vision has always been around supporting the community.  We’re grateful to participate in this opportunity, doubling the dollars to Nonprofit Affiliates.  We’re all in this together. 


    1. Bruce Foulke, CEO
      American Heritage Federal Credit Union, $10,000-PLUS
      I am so proud to be a part of what Ed is doing to help where the need is great. He genuinely wants to make this world a better place. We are only on this earth for a short time and the differences that Ed makes will outlast all of us.


    1. Dan Koval, CSR Director
      Bentley Systems Incorporated, $10,000-PLUS
      Bentley is proud to be a part of the Satell Institute and humbled to be among the many other amazing organizations that work so hard to make sure everyone is cared for. We are excited to be able to leverage our giving to increase the impact to the Chester County Food Bank, who work tirelessly every day to ensure our friends, neighbors, and family members get the food they need to survive before, during, and after the global pandemic.


    1. Stan Ginsburg, Founder
      Stan & Arlene Ginsburg Family Foundation, $10,000-PLUS


    1. Marc Brownstein, CEO
      Brownstein Group, $10,000-PLUS
      The only thing bigger than Ed Satell’s generosity is Ed Satell’s compassion for helping the nonprofit community.  This $1,000,000 Match is simply the latest example. 


    1. Frank Ash, Founder
      The Ash Family Foundation, $10,000
      That is the thing about Ed.  He thinks this way about helping others.


    1. David DeStefano, CEO
      Vertex, Inc., $10,000
      Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.”  No one embodies that more than Ed.  We are honored to work with the Satell Institute and be part of the Million Dollar Match.


    1. David L. Cohen, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $10,000
      Once again, Ed Satell and the Satell Institute is stepping up at a time of great community need.  It is a pleasure to follow Ed’s leadership in this very difficult time.


    1. Morey Goldberg, Founder
      Dena & Morey Goldberg Family Fund, $10,000-PLUS
      This is awesome.  I’m in.  My heart is warmed by this!


    1. Bruce Kardon, CIO
      Conservest, $10,000


    1. Henri Moore, Head, Global Responsibility
      Corteva, $10,000-PLUS
      Ed is demonstrating wonderful leadership in time of crisis and it is so important to our nonprofits who are providing life-saving services during this time of Covid-19.


    1. David K, Downes
      Individual, $10,000-PLUS
      I was very pleased to learn of the Satell Institute Matching Gift program and happy to support Caron Treatment Centers in such a meaningful way during these challenging times.


    1. Bev Hendry, CEO
      Aberdeen Standard Investments, $10,000
      This is a wonderful gesture by Ed. Our affiliates are going to be thrilled to receive these contributions. Have a blessed day.


    1. Elizabeth Walhquist,
      Individual Personal Contribution, $10,000-PLUS
      We are so very grateful for Ed’s ongoing support and for the meaningful way his leadership inspires others.  He is truly like yeast, always causing others to rise. Claudia Stowers, CFRE, CAP, Vice President, The Museum of the American Revolution


    1. Gerry Toscani, CEO
      Paris Corporation, $10,000
      As you can imagine, many families have lost much of their income over the last two months. The emergency fund that we are donating to is set aside to specifically help these families cover their portion of the tuition so that their children can continue to get a high-quality education.  Ed’s pledge to match our donations is inspiring. We need more Ed’s in this world!


    1. Mitch Livingston, CEO
      NJM Insurance Group, $10,000-PLUS
      Our thanks and appreciation to Ed for such a wonderful and generous offer at a time of so much need in our non-profit community.  We’re honored to participate in this effort, and will make a $10,000 donation to HomeFront, whose mission to end homelessness and break the cycle of poverty has now taken on an even greater urgency.  Mike Van Wagner, NJM SVP.


    1. John Francis Smith III, Founding Board Member
      Personal Contribution, $1,000


    1. Daniel K. Fitzpatrick, President
      Citizens Bank, $10,000-PLUS
      Ed, thanks so much for your incredible personal generosity and leadership on these critical issues.  You certainly practice what you preach and lead from the front.  Happy to partner, Dan


    1. Chris Franklin, Chairman & CEO
      Essential Utilities, $10,000-PLUS
      Essential Utilities is proud to be part of the Million Dollar Match. Ed Satell’s generosity provides yet another opportunity to strengthen our community during this difficult time. Together we will make a difference. Thank you, Ed


    1. Tom Caramanico, President
      McCormick Taylor, $10,000-PLUS
      Ed Satell shows us once again by his leadership what it means to help our nonprofit partners when they need the help the most.  I am pleased to make a significant contribution to Freire Charter School at this time and grateful for Ed’s match – they need it now more than ever.  I am reminded now of the quote I have been using frequently at this time: “I can’t do all the good that the world needs but the world needs all the good that I can do.”


    1. James Averill, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $10,000
      In this time of uncertainty, we are so grateful for this extraordinary match from the Satell Institute which will not only allow us to continue operating at maximum capacity, but will enable us to take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves. Eli Gilman, VP, FPRI


    1. David Rosenberg, Founder
      David & Marjorie Rosenberg Family Foundation, $10,000
      Ed is just too much.  Ed makes us all better!  His leadership and vision are inspirational and his generosity in improving our community is unparalleled!


    1. Richard Berkman, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $7,500


    1. Steve Tansey, Founder
      The Tansey Family Fund, $10,000-PLUS
      What a wonderful thing he (and all the other donors) are doing in this hour of need for those who need it most.  I appreciate the leadership of the Satell Institute and the corporate and affiliate members to demonstrate what can be done to help those organizations who serve our neighbors and friends every day.


    1. Richard & Susan Master Family Foundation
      Foundation Member, $10,000
      Thanks to the Satell Institute for matching our additional contribution of $10,000.00 to The CB Community School.  The school performs remarkably well to address a particular need in the Philadelphia area.


    1. Paul Silberberg, CEO
      Concierge Insurance Solutions, $10,000
      Thanks for your ongoing leadership, creativity, and enthusiasm.  Donation made in honor of Ed Satell.


    1. Tom Belmont, Regional President
      Gallagher, $10,000


    1. Rosemary J. Loverdi
      Dilworth Paxon LLP, $5,000


    1. Dr. William Koch, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $5,000


    1. Oliver St. Clare Franklin, O.B.E.
      Satell Institute Liaison, $10,000-PLUS
      In this unprecedented time the Satell matching gift program will focus the minds, hearts and wallets of cooperate community in our region.  This is the essence of leadership.


    1. Dr. William Gray, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $5,000


    1. Deon Vigilance, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $2,500


    1. Dov Zakheim, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $2,000


    1. Lou & Rhoda Fryman, Founding SI Board
      Personal Contribution, $1,000
      At the time of need, it’s the time to act.  The Satell Institute is the moving force.  Thank you, Ed.


    1. Elliott Barnathan, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $1,000


    1. David Elliott, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $250
      Thank you to the Satell Institute and Ed Satell for the incredible generosity in supporting nonprofits.


    1. Dave Koch, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $250


    1. James F. Dever, Phila Market President
      Bank of America, $10,000-PLUS
      For the past four years the Satell Institute has been instrumental in working with corporations and nonprofits in order to strengthen the long-term well-being of the Greater Philadelphia community and the people who live here.  We join Satell Institute in the Million Dollar Match program to continue our support of Philadelphia Youth Network as they work to launch the summer WorkReady program digitally and Junior Achievement of Southeastern Pennsylvania for their programs fostering work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy for students. Both organizations’ work is needed  now more than ever to inspire and provide critical opportunities to the world of work for our youth that will lead them on a path for life-long success.


    1. Josh Gross, CEO
      Mill Creek Capital Advisors, $10,000
      The Satell Institute Million Dollar Match is a perfect reflection of its commitment to the community pillars and its altruistic mission.


    1. Joe Dougherty, CEO
      Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, $10,000
      Ed’s vision and generosity is both humbling and inspiring, especially at this time.  Thank you, Ed, for setting such a great example for the rest of us.


    1. Kevin Duffy, President
      Tozour Energy Systems, $10,000-PLUS
      In addition to TES contributing $10,000, Tozour employees are contributing to Philabundance. The employee contributions will be matched by the Tozour Family Foundation, raising the total gift (prior to the Satell match) to well over $50,000! 


    1. John Emery, Managing Director, Corp Client Banking
      JP Morgan Chase, $10,000–PLUS
      We are grateful to have Ed’s leadership in this challenging time.  The Satell Institute is now more                   important than ever as a forum to organize and grow corporate leaders’ support for nonprofits.


    1. Ronald P. Sandmeyer, Jr.  CEO
      Sandmeyer Steel Company, $10,000
      We are proud to be associated with the Satell Institute, especially in this unprecedented time.  Our non-profit partner in Northeast Philadelphia, Feast of Justice, is truly a “life-sustaining and essential business,” providing meals and services for many residents of Mayfair.  This extra funding could not have come at a time of greater need.


    1. Gene Chaiken, Chairman
      Almo Corporation, $10,000–PLUS
      Gene Chaiken and the Almo Corporation are grateful for the Satell Institute’s inspirational leadership in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility. In this time of need for our non-profit partners, the donation made by the Institute has done more than just match our own support for the ADL. By putting its values into action, the Satell Institute is galvanizing our region’s leaders and ensuring a strong future for our collaborative communities.  We are proud to be a partner of the Satell Institute and thank Ed for his leadership.


    1. Sam Katz, CEO
      History Making Productions, $2,500
      When Ed Satell calls, action follows! It is important and valued to be part of this movement.  Nonprofits have never more needed support than now!


    1. Brad Aronson, Founder
      Alike Foundation, $10,000-PLUS
      Ed, your leadership is an inspiration!


    1. Rodger Levenson, Chairman & CEO
      Bank WSFS, $10,000-PLUS
      As I mentioned at the last meeting, I wanted WSFS to join the Satell Institute because I have known Ed for 20+ years and have seen his passion and empathy towards those less fortunate than many of us.   This announcement confirms my beliefs.


    1. Mark Baiada, Chairman
      Bayada Home Healthcare, $10,000
      The match is a wonderful thing that has inspired so many of us to give more.


    1. Matthew Duncan
      Personal, $3,000


    1. Tom Shoemaker, President
      TD Bank, $10,000-PLUS


    1. Brian Effron
      Healthcare Administrative Partners USA, $10,000
      I am incredibly proud to be part of the Satell Institute.  Not only does our Founder, Ed Satell, have all his priorities straight, he puts himself first in demonstrating his commitment and leadership supporting our nonprofit organizations.  Incredible leadership!


    1. Susan Blumenfeld, individual
      Personal, $2,000


    1. Alisa Gifford, individual
      Personal, $2,500


    1. Joe Kirk, President
      Wells Fargo, $10,000-PLUS
      Our Wells Fargo team has witnessed the long-term beneficial impact of the Satell Institute’s work and we are proud to take part in this match program. Our contribution to Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) in Philadelphia will further the work of an organization that accomplishes equitable community change through the construction and preservation of affordable homes and the development of retail, community, and education space.


    1. Ed Forst, CEO
      Lincoln Investment Company, $10,000


    1. Daniel Pereira, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $500


    1. Carrie Rosen, Individual
      Personal Contribution, $250


    1. Michael Innocenzo, CEO
      PECO, $10,000-PLUS
      In this unprecedented time, the needs of our region have grown exponentially. Ed is a champion for the non-profit sector. Through his foresight, PECO is able to leverage additional support from the Satell Institute for some of its partners serving those in our most underserved communities. Ed, thanks for all that you and your team are doing for our region. 


    1. David DeStefano, Board & Executive Committee
      Personal, $10,000

      Thank you for setting the bar on great leadership. An inspiration to us all, at a time it is so needed.


    1. Dalila Wilson-Scott, President
      Comcast NBC Foundation, $10,000-PLUS

      Comcast NBCUniversal is grateful to participate. Thank you for your leadership and enabling us, and others, to amplify the work of non-profits in our community, especially in this critical time of need.


    1. John McCabe, Glenmede
      Personal, $1,500
      Thank you and everyone at Satell Institute for this match opportunity!


    1. Matthew & Casey Satell, Board Members
      Personal, $500

      It is never more important to take care of your community then in a time of need, and no one has taught us better or led by example quite like my dad. We strive to “think We not Me”, just as my dad has shown us. 


    1. Tom Caramanico, Board & Executive Committee
      Personal, $10,000


    1. Terry Gardner, Founder
      Terry & Shifra Gardner Philanthropic Fund, $10,000


    1. The Paula & Mark Solomon Family Fund
      Foundation Member, $10,000-PLUS

      Ed’s leadership, by this match, is a beacon of hope in these challenging times.  We are lucky to have him in our community and for his foresight in forming the Satell Institute.


    1. J. Gary Langmuir, CEO
      Wohlsen Construction Foundation, $10,000

      Some folks have ideas; some folks execute other’s ideas… Ed Satell makes ideas a reality.


    1. The Frederick Loewe Foundation, $10,000-PLUS


    1. Marc Bruno, COO
      Aramark, 10,000
      Kudos to Ed and the Satell Institute for challenging the community to support others during these difficult times. We are happy to answer the call and support Special Olympics Pennsylvania. 


    1. Board Members & Supporters of the Drueding Center, $10,000
      I sent an email out at 5:30 and in less than 24 hours we had $8,000 dollars.  I’m not going to lie, I cried. People’s generosity is truly overwhelming.  –Anne Marie Collins MS, Executive Director


    1. Mary Meder, President
      Harmelin Media, $2,000
      The first thing I thought when I saw what Ed proposed was…of course. There was no reason to be even a little surprised. Ed is at his best when things are at their worst.


    1. Board Members & Supporters of Special Olympics of PA, $8,000


    1. Frank Leto, President and CEO
      Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation, $10,000

      Thanks to Ed, and his Satell Institute for their leadership and generosity. BMT grateful to participate in the Million Dollar Match.  


    1. Ambassador Philip S. Kaplan and Barbara Kaplan, $500
      I salute Ed Satell’s remarkable gift to incentivize support for non-profits, a distinctly American component of our democratic governance, which deserves generous support at this time of doubts and concerns.   With the arts now under financial siege, my wife and I are contributing to the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I urge others to choose their own non-profit to support, and to do so.


    1. Board Members & Supporters of the National Liberty Museum, $10,000
      Ed, you have accomplished many great things over the years and I’ve had the good fortune to hear about many of them. But in my opinion absolutely nothing compares to your efforts in starting and building the Satell Institute— sheer genius to bring businesses and foundations together to give back to non-profits.  Now you’ve gone one step further in contributing an extraordinary amount of money to help support non-profits during the most difficult economic time in history—— and motivated others to do the same!!  I can’t begin to describe how meaningful it is to have this kind of support when we need it the most. So thank you, Ed, for all that you do. I’m profoundly grateful.  Gwen Borowsky, CEO


    1. Chip Rossi, Delaware Market President
      Bank of America, $10,000
      REACH Riverside plays a significant role in revitalizing the communities we serve, particularly during this health and humanitarian crisis.  We’re proud to support them with this terrific matching grant opportunity as they help lead the charge to address economic and racial inequality in communities of color.  


    1. Kathy Killian, Vice President
      Philadelphia Phillies, $10,000-PLUS
      Since 1984, the special partnership that exists with our club and the ALS Association remains anchored in commitment and friendship.  With the cancellation of our annual Phestival event for ALS in May, this opportunity was a catalyst to assist now in a time of great need.  From all of us at the Phillies, our heartfelt gratitude to Ed Satell for his leadership and generosity for offering this special opportunity.


    1. Travis Rhodes, President
      BB&T/Truist, $10,000


    1. Dan Berger, Director, PFM
      Personal, $10,000
      The Satell Institute’s generosity is so fundamentally crucial to the team at ACHIEVEability. Now more than ever, this support allows us to continue to provide critically needed services and programs to our community in West Philadelphia.  Without a doubt, SI empowers us to do what we do best for the people who need us the most.


    1. Arthur R. Block
      Personal, $10,000


    1. Bill Sasso, Chairman
      Stradley Ronon, $5,000
      When it comes to corporate social responsibility, there is no greater advocate than Ed Satell. For someone like me who is interested in helping inner-city kids, the Satell Institute and the Boy Scouts of America provide an excellent vehicle.


    1. Dr. Keith Vett
      Personal, $5,000


    1. Dr. Todd Kazan
      Personal, $2,500


    1. Julie Fox
      Personal, $2,500


    1. Nick Bertram, CEO
      Giant Martins, $10,000-PLUS


    1. Lorina Marshall-Blake, President
      IBX Foundation, $10,000-PLUS


    1. Jared Culotta, Chairman
      Wawa Foundation, $10,000


  1. Alyssa Gifford
    Personal, $2,500

Double Matches

We are so happy to share that several of our Nonprofit Affiliates tell us the total gift for the Match has qualified for a Matching gift from their national headquarters!  Win-Win-Win!

PLUS – means our Members have committed a far larger gift than the $10,000 match to the Nonprofit Affiliate(s) they selected.  What a difference this is making for so many Nonprofit Affiliates!


“City Year Philadelphia is grateful to leverage the opportunity as a nonprofit partner of the Satell Institute to encourage more charitable giving during this uncertain time.  We are excited to receive a new $10,000 gift from UGI, that will be matched by Satell, for a total of $20,000 of new critical revenue!  This allows our City Year AmeriCorps members to continue to help students from all over Philadelphia to re-connect and re-engage with their learning.”
Darryl Bunridge, CEO, City Year

Since 1984, the Phillies have been a beacon of hope for The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association, when they took a chance on a small unknown charity with a budget of $4,500. And they remain so now, during these dark days when our patients are compromised, which makes them more susceptible to COVID-19.  We are forever thankful to the Phillies, Phillies Charities and Ed Satell’s Million Dollar Match Opportunity for their generosity and commitment to our cause.
Ellyn Phillips, Board Chair ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter

I can’t say enough about Ed―look what he inspired again among this community. His leadership in inspiring others to give is truly amazing. I am proud to be a part of it.
Larry Dubinski, CEO, The Franklin Institute, Vice Chairman, Nonprofits, The Satell Institute

Ed never fails to amaze and inspire me with his leadership and generosity.
Doug Tieman, CEO, Caron Foundation

It’s a great day for Scouting as the Cradle of Liberty Council joins the Satell Institute. We are especially proud that this opportunity has been made possible through Mike Innocenzo and our friends at PECO. Our Career Exploring collaboration with PECO has been successfully introducing urban teens to careers in business and engineering for more than a quarter century, exemplifying Ed Satell’s vision for impactful long-term giving. Daniel Templar, Scout Executive and CEO – Cradle of liberty Council, Boy Scouts of America

This is amazing.  Ed is truly one of a kind.  My team and I will certainly find a donor willing to match Ed’s huge generosity.
Marcus Allen, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters

We feel so lucky to be connected to the Satell Institute. It is amazing to us how simple commitments can lead to so much inspiration and energy!
Dan Rhoton, CEO, Hopeworks

Leaders like Ed Satell are listening to us and are doing everything that they can to help non-profits in this difficult time. Working together we will make it through this crisis.
Paul Kappel, CEO, Junior Achievement

We have so many competing needs right now—food, education, digital access—the Opportunity Ed has created makes a huge difference for so many.
Siobhan Reardon, CEO of the Free Public Library of Philadelphia

What a wonderful, generous program and thank goodness for Ed Satell’s support to the nonprofit community!
Carol Rollie Flynn, CEO, FPRI
This is very exciting. What a vision Ed has! We’re so proud to have him as our friend, benefactor, and advocate.
Elissa Gillston, Regional Director, American Technion Society

This is such an exciting opportunity for so many non-profits.  Bank of America’s continued investment in the Philadelphia Youth Network is a true testament to the power of corporate partnership with the nonprofit sector.    We were beyond thrilled to learn that the Philadelphia Youth Network would be a recipient. Bank of America’s commitment to youth employment is amplified by this generous act. Their investment in my leadership enables PYN to grow as an anchor non-profit in Philadelphia.
Chekemma Townsend, CEO, Philadelphia Youth Network 

Friends step up when there’s a need.  Our community has no better friend than Ed Satell, who once again has invested himself in a real and personal way to invite others to step up.  And so many have!  We appreciate the kindness of donors to the Satell Institute Million Dollar Match Opportunity, who have helped Child Advocates and so many non-profit agencies respond to the hardship and loss of this most challenging time.
Frank P. Cervone, Executive Director, Support Center for Child Advocates

At the National Liberty Museum, core to our mission is celebrating heroes among us whose courage, compassion, and dedication to the wellbeing of others sets an inspirational example for us all. Ed Satell is the
personification of these virtues, and his challenge will make such a profound and lasting impact on our city and region. Ed, you are our Hero!
Peggy Sweeney, CDO, The National Liberty Museum

It is so difficult to navigate through these challenging times, and I wanted to share my gratitude for the work of the Satell Institute and the matching grant initiative. We believe that the work of JEVS Human Services will be needed now more than ever, and we are committed to helping to get “Philly Back To Work.”  The
matching funds we will receive, as a result of this new initiative, will help us to serve more individuals at this critical time.
Nancy Astor Fox, CDO, JEVS Human Services

I appreciate your generosity with these matching funds. We are very excited about being a non-profit affiliate and look forward to learning more about the Satell Institute
Lisa Gaffney, Executive Director, Riverfront Alliance of Delaware County

This is Corporate Social Responsibility in action!

This is thinking WE, not just me on a grand scale!

Thank YOU for your generosity.

Philadelphia Business Journal Article on the Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity:


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