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Leadership in a Time of Crisis Update Huge Success - Substantially Over Goal!

June 12, 2020

On Monday May 4th, the Satell Institute announced the Ed Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity, an emergency funding initiative to support the widely diverse Nonprofit Affiliate Members of the Institute so hugely affected by the Covid-19 crisis and economic downturn.
The Institute’s proactive challenge for the benefit of the hard hit nonprofits that contribute so much value to our community was a matching gift opportunity thanks to a $1,000,000 contribution of personal funds by Founder Ed Satell. An ambitious deadline of May 31st was set for the matching opportunity. We had reasonable expectations that our Members would respond, but we were overwhelmed by the speed and generosity of the response.
Below is our final report, listing the donors and some of their comments. Humbly, we say THANK YOU to all who participated. This is a Business, Foundation & Individual response to Corporate Social Responsibility that is inspiring and energizing for the nonprofit community. Thinking WE, not me, in action!
So many Members were inspired to choose to contribute considerably more than their match to the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice!

The total raised in May to support our Nonprofit Affiliates is $2,948,553!

Our Generous Members were so passionate about supporting nonprofits, they chose to meet the four-year commitment requirement and added 6 new nonprofits as Institute Nonprofit Affiliates!

Thank you, Corporations, Foundations, Members, Individuals—Friends!

Contributors are listed in order of date of contribution, so new contributors are listed at the end.

Some are among the biggest in the region, some midsize or smaller and others are highly committed individuals, all supporting the well-being of our needed nonprofits who contribute so much to our community. Our thanks to all who have allowed us to publish their names and their inspiring quotes!
UnitedHealthcare of PA & DE, $10,000
Thank you for your leadership, compassion, and generosity.
UGI Corporation, $10,000-PLUS
Ed’s vision has always been around supporting the community. We’re grateful to participate in this opportunity, doubling the dollars to Nonprofit Affiliates. We’re all in this together.
American Heritage Federal Credit Union, $10,000-PLUS
I am so proud to be a part of what Ed is doing to help where the need is great. He genuinely wants to make this world a better place. We are only on this earth for a short time and the differences that Ed makes will outlast all of us.
Bentley Systems Incorporated, $10,000-PLUS
Bentley is proud to be a part of the Satell Institute and humbled to be among the many other amazing organizations that work so hard to make sure everyone is cared for. We are excited to be able to leverage our giving to increase the impact to the Chester County Food Bank, who work tirelessly every day to ensure our friends, neighbors, and family members get the food they need to survive before, during, and after the global pandemic.
Stan & Arlene Ginsburg Family Foundation, $10,000-PLUS
Brownstein Group, $10,000-PLUS
The only thing bigger than Ed Satell’s generosity is Ed Satell’s compassion for helping the nonprofit community. This $1,000,000 Match is simply the latest example.
The Ash Family Foundation, $10,000
That is the thing about Ed. He thinks this way about helping others.
Vertex, Inc., $10,000
Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” No one embodies that more than Ed. We are honored to work with the Satell Institute and be part of the Million Dollar Match.

Double Matches

We are so happy to share that several of our Nonprofit Affiliates tell us the total gift for the Match has qualified for a Matching gift from their national headquarters! Win-Win-Win!
PLUS – means our Members have committed a far larger gift than the $10,000 match to the Nonprofit Affiliate(s) they selected. What a difference this is making for so many Nonprofit Affiliates!

Nonprofit Leaders Continue To Comment …

Philadelphia Business Journal Article on the Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity: