Become Part of Our Powerful Network

Membership in the Satell Institute is open to CEOs (and CEO equivalents) of companies and foundations.

Make a four-year pledge to a nonprofit

To become a member of the Satell Institute, corporations and foundations must make a four-year financial commitment of at least $25,000 annually to a nonprofit partner of their choice. The four-year commitment is a crucial part of the Satell membership model, since it provides nonprofits with stable, long-term funding.

Pick any nonprofit you want

Members may contribute to any nonprofit of their choice, and they may support as many nonprofits as they wish.

Pay zero dues or memberships fees

There is no charge or fee for corporate or foundation membership. The Satell Institute’s operating expenses are fully funded by an endowment.

Support nonprofits directly

100 percent of member contributions go directly from the member to the nonprofit of their choice.

Request Membership Information

To begin the membership process, please email us:

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