Instruments from Around the World: Make a Global Noise!

Grades K – 5
Arts & Culture

Students will enjoy exploring various musical instruments from all over the world, from ancient string instruments to drums and brass instruments.

About the Course:

For four weeks, students will asynchronously explore how music is created around the globe. From Syrian scales to African drums, students will learn about instruments and the music they make. After completing these lessons, students will participate in an interactive discussion on these unique instruments and the special sounds they make, what they learned about instruments, and what they’d like to share about their experience.
The Mann Center’s Instruments from Around the Globe brings new music and cultures straight to students’ devices. With this course, they will find a rich catalogue of digital content and videos accompanied by interactive student guides for each episode to deepen the virtual experience.

Week 1: String Quartet

Students will learn about the traditional string instruments, with a twist! A string quartet takes on an electronic approach to the classics and music of today. Join the Elegance String Quartet as they teach about electronic string instruments and the wide variety of music they make.

Week 2: Indian Veena

Students will learn about the traditional Indian instrument, the Veena. The Veena is a predominant solo instrument of Carnatic Music. Carnatic music is the type of music that originates from the South-Indian state of Karnataka. Join Saraswathi Ranganathan as she takes you on a journey to discover this beautiful instrument.

Week 3: Syrian Maqam Scale

Students will learn about the Western Cello and Middle Eastern Oud. Scales are the building blocks of music, but different cultures use different kinds of scales giving a special style to the music we hear. Kinan Abou-Afach, cellist and composer, performs and teaches this lesson, enjoy the sounds of Arabic music.

Week 4: Brass Band

Students will learn about the traditional music that originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the US. Join the Snack Time Brass Band as they take you on a journey to discover the trumpet, saxophone and more.

Instruments from Around the World Discussion:

Upon completing the four weeks of lessons, students will discuss what they have learned about musical instruments from around the globe, led by a Mann Center representative.

Additional Information:

Music and Arts lends beautifully to inclusionary learning – activities can be adapted to varied physical and cognitive learning styles.
Arts & Culture
Elementary School (Grades K-5)
25 Students
Registration Open
Now through June 11, 2021
Weeks 1 – 4 of Courses
June 21 – July 16, 2021
Final Zoom Session
July 16, 2021
2:30 – 3:15 pm

About the Mann Center for the Performing Arts:

The Mann Center for the Performing Arts has served for many decades as the City of Philadelphia’s premier outdoor summer performing arts venue, presenting a wide array of cultural programming and popular events. The Mann provides arts education through innovative and high-impact, collaborative educational activities for young people throughout the region.

About the Educator: Naomi Gonzalez

Naomi Gonzalez, Vice President of Education & Community Engagement at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, originally from Puerto Rico, is a known architect of building out impactful arts education programs in the Philadelphia region. Having started her career with 15 + years in the classroom as a music/ orchestra teacher, Gonzalez uses her experiences as an educator to inform her work as an arts administrator.
Gonzalez is implementing the Mann Center’s new multiyear strategic plan with community beneficiaries in West Philadelphia as the driving focus to create career training opportunities, after school programs, summer programs, and festivals designed to expand over the years. Gonzalez brings to the Mann extensive knowledge in the development and oversight of community programs having served thousands of children. Gonzalez was previously the Manager of Collaboration and Access with the Philadelphia Orchestra, where, since joining the Orchestra in 2016, has designed and implemented local and national initiatives, produced large scale events with national partners such as Carnegie Hall, the School District of Philadelphia, the Salvation Army, and created a week long Orchestra residency with 30 community events throughout the city of Philadelphia. During her time with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Gonzalez focused on creating opportunities and access to quality music programs for children of all ages from the Philadelphia area, which included five local schools, launching a fellowship program that served talented high school aged musicians from under represented communities; a program that received national recognition and funding from major organizations.
Prior to her administrative roles, Gonzalez served as Lead Teaching Artist at Play on Philly! (an ElSystema inspired music OST program) for 5 years. In this role, Gonzalez oversaw the strings faculty and curriculum alignment, as well as served as orchestra conductor for various ensembles. Gonzalez started her education career in Chicago, where she specialized in teaching violin, viola and early childhood music. Other career accomplishments include Gymboree Play and Music in Chicago IL as their Music and Early Childhood Specialist. Gonzalez started her music career as a violinist performing with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Civic Youth Orchestra in Chicago and as a sub for the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra among other ensembles.
Gonzalez received her BA degree in violin performance and music education from DePaul University.