Member Partnerships

Flyers Charities and Michael’s Way give families a chance for a fresh start in the battle against pediatric cancer.
Flyers Charities has joined the Satell Institute Collective Force by making a four-year pledge to Michael’s Way, and specifically, the Building Hope for Kids program. Michael’s Way is a nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of children with pediatric cancer by supporting their families financially, specifically with non-medical expenses, an often-overlooked aspect of the battle against pediatric cancer. Since its creation in 2002, Michael’s Way has raised more than $6 million to lessen the financial hardships of families affected by childhood cancer. Building Hope for Kids, a program supported by these two organizations, identifies an extraordinarily resilient family in the Greater Philadelphia area that has been affected by childhood cancer and renovates their house.
Flyers Charities and Michael’s Way spend almost two months renovating each home, revamping basements, bedrooms, and everything in between. This labor of love creates a true “win-win.” A deserving family receives a “fresh start” with a safer and more loving environment, and the Philadelphia Flyers players and wives get the chance to strengthen their bond with the community while making a real difference in the lives of many.

Partnership in Action

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