Member Partnerships

The Stan and Arlene Ginsburg Family Foundation partner with the Middle East Forum to provide up-to-date knowledge on happenings in the Middle East that affect the United States.
The Stan and Arlene Ginsburg Family Foundation has joined the Satell Institute Collective Force by making a four-year pledge to the Middle East Forum. The Middle East Forum, located in Philadelphia, promotes American interests in the Middle East. The Middle East Forum provides context insights, and policy recommendations regarding the Middle East, and donates to researchers, writers, investigators, and activists around the world for issues on the Middle East. The Forum also exerts an active influence through many of its projects and programs.
Stan and Arlene Ginsburg are involved with the Middle East Forum through their contributions to the Shillman/Ginsburg Writing Fellowship Program. The Shillman/Ginsburg Fellows expand on the Forum’s research and writing on the Middle East, Islamism, and other related issues. The Writing Fellows are specialists in their field, and often write about topics that others avoid. Their work provokes thought on difficult issues and is often used by policymakers.