Member Partnerships

By way of their partnership with The Franklin Institute, PECO shares their love of science with the greater Philadelphia community.
PECO has joined the Satell Institute Collective Force as a founding corporate member by making a four-year pledge to The Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute, located in the heart of Philadelphia, is one of the oldest and most renowned centers of science education and development in the country. Each year, the Franklin Institute directly reaches one million people through a variety of earning experiences and educational programs.
PECO has worked together with The Franklin Institute on many impactful initiatives as a result of their partnership. PECO has recently sponsored three exciting exhibits which include Robot Revolution, Jurassic World: The Exhibition and Electricity, an interactive exhibit that teaches children about the power of electricity and how it will shape the future. PECO also collaborates with The Franklin Institute and The National Energy Education Development Project to produce P.E.E.P. (PECO Energizing Education Program), which provides local schools with workshops, curricula and kits to learn about energy. This powerful program gives children in the Philadelphia the opportunity to learn about aspects of science and technology that are often missed out in regular curricula.

Partnership in Action

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Working with the nonprofit community and associating ourselves with strong, community-based organizations gives our customers a chance to see that PECO invests in causes that are important to them.