Member Partnerships

“By committing to a nonprofit for a number of years, you’re really able to maximize your investment and make a difference.”
Brian Effron
CEO, Healthcare Administrative Partners

By partnering with the National Liberty Museum, Healthcare Administrative Partners helps people find their own place in the story of liberty.

Healthcare Administrative Partners has joined the Satell Institute Collective Force by making a four-year pledge to the National Liberty Museum. The National Liberty Museum, located in the heart of Philadelphia, brings liberty to life through stories of people whose character and courage have expanded liberty for all. The museum combines stories of heroes and a collection of contemporary art to inspire and entertain people from all over the world.

Healthcare Administrative Partners’ partnership with the National Liberty Museum involves both sponsorship dollars and time donations. Mr. Brian Effron, CEO of Healthcare Administrative Partners, as well as his wife Mrs. Shery Effron, are co-sponsors of the National Liberty Museum’s annual Glass Auction & Gala. Mr. Effron also serves as the President of the Board of Directors.

“We have found that finding companies whose values and mission aligns with ours has been very beneficial, and has made both choosing partners and maintaining that relationship a lot less complicated.”
Peggy Sweeney
Chief Development Officer, National Liberty Museum
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