Cultivating a Collective Force of Changemakers – Companies Dedicated to the Greater Good.

Commitment. Our companies set the bar for corporate giving. With a minimum of $25,000 a year for four years (totaling $100,00 or more), they provide the long-term backing nonprofits need to thrive. With each company choosing the cause(s) they value most, the result is holistic, continual community building.


Develop long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations between businesses, foundations, and nonprofits.

CEO Relationships

Meet changemakers with common goals, discuss big ideas with fellow leaders and build relationships based on shared values.


Experienced thought leaders presenting on the future of corporate social responsibility at an exclusive conference for our members at no charge.


Join the ecosystem of leaders who will accelerate impact in communities. Learn from each other, and use collective knowledge to elevate your initiatives.


CEOs Speak

We foster meaningful, long-term partnerships based on common goals.

“The Satell Institute provides a connection to nonprofits that have demonstrated the ability to be effective and impactful. Another exciting aspect is that you are part of a network of great companies that are active in the community. These are highly focused and effective companies for which I have profound respect. With the Satell Institute, you can meet fellow CEOs from these companies and get ideas, which I think is a huge benefit."
John Walsh
CEO, UGI Corporation
“The Satell Institute gives our Foundation the opportunity to make an impact on Corporate Social Responsibility. I am excited being involved with many people who feel similarly about the importance of CSR. Another reason we joined is that we wanted to be part of a collective force where all members share a common goal; that is to strengthen the well-being of our communities through philanthropy.”
David Rosenberg
David & Marjorie Family Foundation
"The Satell Institute is at the leading edge of CSR. Like many other great ideas having roots in Philadelphia, the Satell Institute is at the leading edge of the global CSR wave, informing CEOs about the centrality of CSR to their forward-looking business plans. By creating and codifying long-term commitments between businesses and nonprofits, the Satell Institute is building a structure within which all of us can win.” 
Craig Snyder
CEO, World Affairs Council

Member-Only LinkedIn Forum

Continue the peer conversation on how to identify and choose effective partners, build strong initiatives, and measure against contemporary benchmarks in our online forum on LinkedIn.

Exclusive Conferences

Tap into the brightest minds involved in CSR today, share innovations and challenges, network with peer leaders, and expand your understanding of the rapidly-growing contemporary business case for CSR.  

Spring 2021 Private CEO Conference – Welcome Message from Ed Satell


Date: May 4, 2021

Theme: 5 Industry Leaders in 50 Dynamic Minutes Tell How CSR Positively Impacted Both Business Results & Their Communities

A dynamic group of CEOs shared company growth strategies and best practices in CSR, followed by candid CEO peer-to-peer discussion groups, a Satell Institute hallmark with real take-home value. 

Featuring Top Industry Leaders:

  • Erika H. James, Dean, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Madeline Bell, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)
  • Nicholas Bertram, The GIANT Company
  • David Adelman, CEO, Campus Apartments; Co=Founder, FS Investments; and Founder Darco Capital
  • Chris Franklin, Chairman & CEO, Essential Utilities, Inc.
  • Chris Gheysens, CEO, Wawa

Venue: Franklin Institute


Graduation Day for the first STEM Scholar cohort at the Franklin Institute

Why the Four-Year Commitment?​

Why a Minimum of $25,000 Per Year?​

Why is There No Membership Fee?

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