A New Era for Idea Exchange at the Spring CEO Conference


A New Era for Idea Exchange at the Spring CEO Conference

April 14, 2022

How Affinity Tables will change the conversation

One of the highlights of any Satell Institute Private CEO Conference is the idea exchange session that takes place during the final portion of the conference. Seated at small tables, each with a skilled member moderator, member CEOs have the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and brainstorm about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The goal: to increase the impact on their companies, employees, customers and communities by having free-wheeling, fast-moving conversations with their fellow CEOs.

At the May 12th CEO Conference, the Satell Institute will introduce “Affinity Tables.” Conference attendees will have the option of signing up in advance to sit at tables with specific, mission-focus topics, from arts and culture and education to workforce development and more.

“This will connect subject matter expert CEOs and other CEOs, resulting in enhanced learning and/or specific action plans in addition to the broader general discussion,” says Rodger Levenson, chairman, CEO and president of WSFS Bank and chair of the Spring 2022 Conference.The Affinity Table idea emerged from Satell Institute members who enjoyed the exchanges at prior conferences but wanted to get to a deeper level of understanding and idea generation on topics they or their companies are passionate about. While general discussion tables will be available, attendees also have the option to take part in the following more focused conversations:

  • Improving Educational Outcomes
  • Children’s Needs
  • Community & Civic Initiatives
  • Human Services and Food Insecurity
  • Workforce Development
  • Healthcare
  • Arts, Culture and Museums
  • Medical Research
  • CSR Research & the Think Tank with Dr. Peter Frumkin

“We will be building upon the success of the CEO exchange of ideas from prior conferences,” Levenson says of the Affinity Tables. “These takeaways — and subsequent learnings — will become a starting point for future conferences.”

The invitation-only CEO Conference takes place Thursday, May 12th, at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. (The event will also be livestreamed.) In addition to the idea exchange session, attendees will also hear fast-paced presentations from three Satell Institute members and CSR practitioners. Philadelphia Union president Tim McDermott will discuss why companies should get involved in CSR — how it benefits their company, team and community. Jim Dever, Bank of America’s Greater Philadelphia Market president, will make the connection between CSR and ESG and explain how Bank of America structures and measures organizational efforts. And Vernita Dorsey, WSFS’s senior vice president and director of community strategy, will offer stories from multiple nonprofit leaders on the transformational impact dedicated, long term corporate philanthropy can have on nonprofits’ ability to deliver on their important missions.

The Satell Institute is the leading CEO member organization focused on Corporate Social Responsibility. 

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