World-Renowned AI Experts Will Highlight SI’s Timely and Dynamic Spring 2024 Private CEO Conference


The members-only event will take place on May 21st in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

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Technological change is inevitable. What isn’t inevitable is whether a new technology will truly benefit society.

The Satell Institute’s Spring 2024 Private CEO Conference — “Harnessing the Power of AI for Good” — will focus on the revolutionary potential of generative AI, engaging SI’s CEO members and their invited guests on how to implement the new technology in a way that’s consistent with Corporate Social Responsibility. The goal is for AI to benefit companies, employees, customers and communities.

“There’s been a lot of information and misinformation as well as wonder and worry about AI,” says Greg Hagin (pictured), Principal and Managing Director of CCS Fundraising and chair of this spring’s conference. “At the core of it, AI is really about levering up our potential and capacity in terms of talent and teams with new and extraordinary technologies. The question is: how will for-profit organizations move forward with it, and how will nonprofits or for-purpose organizations move forward with it?”

The private CEO conference will take place on May 21st at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Among the global industry leaders participating in the international panel are two prominent experts on AI:

Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman of REDDS Capital. A serial entrepreneur, investor, and futurist, Ibaracki is also the founder of the AI for Good Global Summit, the leading action-oriented United Nations platform promoting AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, sustainable infrastructure, and other global development priorities.


David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer & VP Healthcare for Microsoft’s Worldwide Commercial Business. Rhew has been closely involved with Microsoft’s development of AI, including responsible use of it in the field of healthcare.



SI’s conference will also include a second panel, featuring Satell Institute members in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh talking about what AI means for leaders on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s our view that there will be greater productivity, deeper engagement, and better philanthropy,” says Hagin. “At its heart, the Satell Institute is about companies having a beneficial societal impact. I’m convinced AI can help them do that in powerful ways.”

In addition to rapid-fire speakers, the Spring Private CEO Conference will also feature SI’s hallmark Idea and Experience Exchange, which allows members and guests to connect with their CEO peers about Corporate Social Responsibility in small roundtable settings.

The Satell Institute is the leading CEO member organization dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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