The Satell Institute CEO Impact Conference Fall 2019



A gathering of top CEOs dedicated to improving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will attend the Satell Institute’s fourth private, by invitation only, CEO Conference on CSR scheduled for Thursday, October 31st at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center.
The keynote speaker will be the dynamic CEO of Nutrisystem, Dawn Zier, now also the President & COO of Tivity (Nasdaq TVTY).

With enthusiasm and a strong record of dedication to CSR, Dawn has an outstanding business resume of success as well as a strong record of dedication to CSR. Best known for engineering the highly successful turnaround of the iconic Nutrisystem brand, Dawn doubled revenues for the company and increased operating profit and market cap by 5X during her tenure, resulting in a 5-year CAGR of 15%. This turnaround-to-growth strategy led to the sale of the company to Tivity Health in March 2019. Her performance ranked in the top 15% of CEOs.

Dawn has a unique background combining a deep understanding of market trends and direct-to-consumer/ecommerce marketing, a trained engineer’s passion for precision and data, and years of business leadership. Prior to her time at Nutrisystem, she held numerous leadership positions at Reader’s Digest Association (now Trusted Media Brands) culminating with President of the international business, the company’s largest division, responsible for nearly a billion dollars of revenue and 1,000 employees across Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

A strong proponent of a facts-based culture that drives focus on priorities, accountability, customer-centricity, and teamwork, her distinct management philosophy and approach has earned her multiple business awards and has been chronicled in major publications, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. She received an EY Entrepreneur of The Year® 2018 Award, was recognized by Institutional Investor as one of the best CEOs nationwide and named to its 2018 All-America Executive Team, and named a 2016 Power Woman.

Zier received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She currently enjoys guest lecturing at leading universities. A sought-after speaker and industry expert, Zier regularly appears on CBS, CNBC, FOX Business News and Bloomberg TV and commentates on radio stations in major markets throughout the U.S. She also contributes to FORTUNE, The Huffington Post and Philadelphia Business Journal.

Currently Dawn is a member of Tivity’s Board of Directors and as President and Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for all revenue and operations across the combined company. At the Satell Conference, she’ll be providing insights on why she recognizes and believes CSR is essential to business growth and performance.

The Institute’s semi-annual CEO Conferences attracts the Greater Philadelphia-and-beyond region’s top corporate and foundation leaders for candid inputs and idea exchange around CSR. Prior Satell Institute accomplished keynote speakers include inaugural presenter Bill McNabb, Chairman of Vanguard; David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer of Comcast NBC and Chair of Trustees for The University of Pennsylvania; and Scott O’Neil, CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports. From their personal perspective, each added another layer of credibility to the “business necessity” of CSR.

The much-anticipated hallmark of each Satell Institute conference is the private CEO peer table discussion component. These exclusive CEO discussions provide unique idea exchange on CSR benefits, challenges and best practices. Members claim this conference highlight provides high take home value with real-world strategies for their benefiting the community including why purpose beyond business better attracts and retains top talent.

Why? Because the Satell Institute has a unique position on the importance of CSR. It champions CSR as in a business’s best interest, as vibrant communities benefit all—companies, their clients, their employees and their stakeholders. Ed Satell frequently comments: “All wealth comes from the community. It’s in a company’s self-interest to support a thriving community for the benefit of all who live there.” The Institute also champions the compelling need for long-term support for nonprofits, as nonprofits are the problem-solvers of society. Their unselfish, focused missions are to address human needs and enrichment across the spectrum, WITHOUT any focus on gain or the bottom line. Satell refers to these mission-driven nonprofit organizations as “the heroes of society.”
The CEO participant take-aways from the CEO Impact Conferences include new productive insights into this CSR dynamic.

October 31st, 2019 will be an important day for CSR as more than 150 CEOS will gather at the fourth Satell Institute CEO Impact Conference. Inspiration. Education. Best practices. CRS success stories. All consistent with the belief Communities are Every Leader’s Business.

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Meaningful New Opportunity for Nonprofit Affiliate Members
of the Satell Institute

On November 14th, 2019, at the Franklin Institute, the Satell Institute will convene its first private Business-Nonprofit Leadership Summit for Satell Institute Nonprofit Affiliate Members. The Institute is delighted to present this event exclusively for our Nonprofit Affiliates, who we consider Heroes of Society, as they improve the quality of life and take on some of society’s most intractable problems.

This is a unique opportunity for nonprofit leaders to hear, interact with, and learn from for-profit CEOs and CSR executives about how to attract and maintain business-nonprofit collaborations and effective CSR initiatives. The Summit will also feature vibrant interactive leadership round table discussions and idea exchange which are highly valued by the professional attendees.

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