Nonprofit Affiliate Members

These mission-driven organizations are working for the greater good.

Each Nonprofit Affiliate receives a commitment from one or more of our corporate or foundation members for at least $25,000 a year for four years — a minimum of $100,000. These long-term partnerships give the nonprofit organizations the stability they need to thrive.

Diana T. Eidenshink, President
Jamila Harris-Morrison, Executive Director
Anthony DiFabio, President and CEO
Rabbi Binyomin Davis, Executive Director
Robert H. Vonderheide, MD, DPhil, Director, Vice President and Vice Dean for Cancer Programs
Stephen Suroviec, CEO
Liz Scott, Co-Executive Director
Allie Quick, Chief Philanthropy Officer
John R. Loyack, President
Rachel Sigman, Philadelphia Director
Cindy Cutler, CEO

Business-Nonprofit Leadership Summit

The Business-Nonprofit Leadership Summit is an exclusive and free event for Institute Members and Nonprofit Affiliate Members focused on achieving successful corporate-nonprofit partnerships.
Each Summit includes the Satell Institute hallmark—moderated peer executive round tables, with a mix of for-profit, CSR and nonprofit leaders at each. Participants discuss and question the benefits and challenges of their partnerships, as well as strategies of how to gain additional partnerships of value. The “take home value” from the candor of the comments and the great experience of the participating executives makes for a memorable time and a valuable experience.

Business-Nonprofit Leadership Summit 2019 Highlights

Nonprofit Affiliate Programs

Million Dollar Match

The impact of this grand and proactive initiative is described best by our proud nonprofit affiliates who expressed their overwhelming gratitude using the words inspiration, goodness, energy, generosity, opportunity and partnership and is epitomized by these messages of appreciation from a few of our nonprofit affiliate leaders:

Leadership for Recovery: Nonprofit Perspective - Summer 2020

So many Members were inspired to choose to contribute considerably more than their match to the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice! Almost $3,000,000 in funds went to more than 70 Nonprofit Affiliates!

This is Corporate Social Responsibility in action!

This is thinking WE, not just me on a grand scale!

Thank YOU for your generosity.

Nonprofit Affiliate Voices

Health & Wellness For All

Community as the Antidote

Stories of the American Revolution

Economic Impact & Education

The Bridge between Business and Education

New Solutions to Meet the Need in a Time of Change

Social and Economic Empowerment

The American Revolution isn’t Finished: The Promise of Equality, Empathy and Tolerance

Children’s supplies are essential

Stories of Courage