An Update on the
Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity.

Leadership in the Time of Crisis

June 2020 Update on the Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity Through the Satell Institute to Benefit Nonprofits


On Monday morning, June 1, 2020, the Match closed with every dollar

So many Members were inspired to choose to contribute considerably more than their match to the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice!

The total raised in May to support our Nonprofit Affiliates is

Our Generous Members were so passionate about supporting nonprofits, they
chose to meet the four-year commitment requirement and added 6 new
nonprofits as Institute Nonprofit Affiliates!

The Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity Through the Satell Institute to Benefit Nonprofits

May 4, 2020. Announcing the Satell One Million Dollar Match Opportunity (two million dollars total) an emergency funding initiative to support about 100 diverse Nonprofit Affiliates, to help the hard-hit nonprofit industry do their important work that so greatly benefits communities.

This Satell proactive matching gift opportunity is designed to help Satell Institute Nonprofit Affiliates with their valuable mission supporting the vast needs and services for so many in the region. The Million Dollar Match Opportunity includes the one-million-dollar contribution by Ed Satell from his personal funds through the Satell Institute, and a million-dollar cumulative match ($2,000,000 total) from individual Satell Institute Corporate and Foundation Members. 

At an average match level of $10,000 per Member to help support the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice, with some giving more, some less depending on their circumstances, we hope to have near 100% participation.

Time for Proactive Leadership from Our Able Corporate and Foundation Members

Satell said: “These funds are urgently needed by nonprofit organizations due to the extreme impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Nonprofits, who I see as the heroes of our society, must be able to carry out their important mission driven purposes so vital to overcome real problems that exist for people within the community. This includes diverse community nonprofits focused on helping with food insecurity, healthcare needs, fighting existing diseases, providing special education needs, youth development of many kinds as well as help for those afflicted by poverty, the aged, homeless, the handicapped, arts and culture, and other human needs.” 

Satell has gifted his personal funds of $1,000,000 to stimulate and encourage the Corporate and Foundations Members of the Institute to participate in the Opportunity. The Satell Institute is challenging the crisis through proactive Corporate Social Responsibility. Satell added: “We’ve always believed ‘Think WE, not me. A million dollars is good, but doubling that, together as corporate leaders we make a huge difference. The region will know how much the Corporate and Foundation Members of the Institute care about the community.”

What CEOs and Nonprofit Leaders are Saying about the Match Opportunity

“Ed is demonstrating wonderful leadership in time of crisis and it is so important to our nonprofits who are providing life-saving services during this time of Covid-19.”

Henri Moore, Head of Global Responsibility, Corteva

“Once again, Ed Satell and the Satell Institute is stepping up at a time of great community need. It is a pleasure to follow Ed’s leadership in this very difficult time.”

David L. Cohen

“We are grateful to civic leaders like Mr. Satell for his commitment to our region’s nonprofit community, and for his extraordinary generosity to incentivize corporate leaders to help those organizations to serve our region’s most vulnerable populations.”

Daniel K. Fitzpatrick, President, Citizens Bank

“Thank you for your leadership, compassion and generosity.”

Daniel R. Tropeano, CEO, UnitedHealthcare of PA and DE

“We have so many competing needs right now—food, education, digital access—the Opportunity Ed has created makes a huge difference for so many.”

Siobhan Reardon, CEO of the Free Public Library of Philadelphia

“This is a wonderful gesture by Ed. Our affiliates are going to be thrilled to receive these contributions. Have a blessed day.”

Bev Hendry, CEO, Aberdeen Standard Investments

“Ed’s vision has always been around supporting the community. We’re grateful to participate in this opportunity, doubling the dollars to Nonprofit Affiliates. We’re all in this together.”

John L. Walsh, CEO of UGI Corporation, SI Vice Chair for Conferences and a Founding Member

“We are so very grateful for Ed’s ongoing support and for the meaningful way his leadership inspires others. He is truly like yeast, always causing others to rise.”

Claudia Stowers, CFRE, CAP, Vice President, The Museum of the American Revolution

“I am so proud to be a part of what Ed is doing to help where the need is great. He genuinely wants to make this world a better place. We are only on this earth for a short time and the differences that Ed makes will outlast all of us.”

Bruce Foulke, President, CEO American Heritage Credit Union

“The only thing bigger than Ed Satell’s generosity is Ed Satell’s compassion for helping the nonprofit community. This $1,000,000 Match is simply the latest example.”

Marc Brownstein, CEO, Brownstein Group

“Winston Churchill said: ‘We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.’ No one embodies that more than Ed. We are honored to work with the Satell Institute and be part of the Million Dollar Match.”

David DeStefano, CEO, Vertex

“Essential Utilities is proud to be part of the Million Dollar Match. Ed Satell’s generosity provides yet another opportunity to strengthen our community during this difficult time. Together we will make a difference. Thank you, Ed.”

Chris Franklin, Chairman & CEO, Essential Utilities

“Bentley is proud to be a part of the Satell Institute and humbled to be among the many other amazing organizations that work so hard to make sure everyone is cared for. We are excited to be able to leverage our giving to increase the impact to the Chester County Food Bank, who work tirelessly every day to ensure our friends, neighbors, and family members get the food they need to survive before, during, and after the global pandemic.”

Dan Koval, CSR Director, Bentley Systems Incorporated

“What a wonderful thing he (and all the other donors) are doing in this hour of need for those who need it most. I appreciate the leadership of the Satell Institute and the corporate and affiliate members to demonstrate what can be done to help those organizations who serve our neighbors and friends every day.”

Steve Tansey, Founder, The Tansey Family Fund

“In this unprecedented time the Satell matching gift program will focus the minds, hearts and wallets of cooperate community in our region. This is the essence of leadership.”

Oliver ST. Clare Franklin, O.B.E.

“Leaders like Ed Satell are listening to us and are doing everything that they can to help non-profits in this difficult time. Working together we will make it through this crisis.”

Paul Kappel, CEO, Junior Achievement

“TAs I mentioned at the last meeting, I wanted WSFS to join the Satell Institute because I have known Ed for 20+ years and have seen his passion and empathy towards those less fortunate than many of us. This announcement confirms my beliefs.”

Rodger Levenson, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, WSFS Bank

“Ed Satell shows us once again by his leadership what it means to help our nonprofit partners when they need the help the most. I am pleased to make a significant contribution to Freire Charter School at this time and grateful for Ed’s match – they need it now more than ever. I am reminded now of the quote I have been using frequently at this time: ‘I can’t do all the good that the world needs but the world needs all the good that I can do.’

Tom Caramanico, President, McCormick Taylor. SI Executive Committee

“It sounds like an amazingly generous and thoughtful intervention. Amazing leadership.”

John J. Jackson, Dean, Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania

“This is awesome. Might challenge some CEO’s to donate their personal $ on top of the corporate $. In any case…this is fantastic, and I’m sure Tozour will be signing up! Thank you.”

Kevin Duffy, President of Tozour Energy Systems and a Founding Member of the SI Board

“Ed is just too much. Ed makes us all better! His leadership and vision are inspirational and his generosity in improving our community is unparalleled!”

David Rosenberg, Founder, the David and Marjorie Rosenberg Family Foundation

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