New Satell Institute-UPenn Online CSR Course Begins on the MIT-Harvard edX Platform. Open to All at No Charge.


The prestigious MIT-Harvard learning platform, edX, is offering the first-ever online course on global strategic Corporate Social Responsibility starting on November 15. It is open to all. Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded with a signed certificate.

In today’s fast-speed, hyper-connected world, each successful business, large or small, needs to have a CSR program in place. Or else they stand a chance of missing opportunities important to their business.

To help provide a deeper understanding of the opportunities, the Satell Institute with its founding university affiliate, the University of Pennsylvania, has developed the online course Corporate Social Responsibility: A Strategic Global Perspective. This FREE course is valuable to everyone interested in learning the benefits of CSR. This includes students, new and seasoned CSR professionals, nonprofit managers, academics, business and government leaders, and more.

The course will teach how strategically implemented CSR enables companies to:

  •  Win new business.
  • Attract and retain top talent.
  •  Increase customer retention.
  • Develop and enhance relationships with suppliers and networks.
  • Provide access to investment and funding opportunities.
  • Generate positive publicity and media opportunities due to media interest in ethical business activities.
  • Improve their business reputation and standing.
  • Differentiate themselves from competitors.

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Strategic Global Perspective is available 24/7 on the exclusive MIT-Harvard edX learning destination starting November 15. It runs for four weeks, and can be done at your own pace. The course includes video lectures from leading international thought leaders, online reading, a moderated online peer forum for Q&A and idea exchange.

The course includes a verified instructor-signed certificate option upon successful completion to prove achievement.

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