Corporate and Foundation Members

A network of business leaders building better communities through Corporate Social Responsibility

Each corporate or foundation member of the Satell Institute pledges at least $25,000 per year for four years — a minimum of $100,000 — to one or more nonprofits of its own choosing. This multi-year commitment ensures that nonprofits have the long-term backing they need to thrive.

Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D., Founder and CEO
Norman Cohn, Chairman
Brad Aronson, Founder
Justin Wineburgh, CEO
Gene Chaiken, Chairman
Bruce Foulke, President and CEO
Marc Bruno, COO, U.S. Food and Facilities
Frank Ash, Founder
David A. Zapico, Chairman and CEO
John Lawton, Principal and CEO
Laura LaRosa, President, Mid-Atlantic Region
Travis Rhodes, Regional President
Larry Walker, CEO
James (Jim) Dever Jr., Market President
Robert A. Brandt III, CEO
Charles Cohen, CEO

Private CEO Conference

We offer our members private, invitation-only, CEO conferences for their enrichment. Members are always encouraged to bring CEO guests—potential members—leaders of organizations interested in CSR.
Each conference includes the Satell Institute hallmark—moderated peer executive round tables, with a mix of for-profit, CSR and nonprofit leaders at each. Participants discuss and question best practices as well as strategies of how to make the biggest impact with CSR programs.
The CEO Conferences take place twice a year. The next event will be held in Fall 2021.

Spring 2020 CEO Conference

Member Programs

Million Dollar Match

Our nonprofit affiliates and ― by extension, our communities ― were the beneficiaries of the Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity. On May 4, 2020, Ed Satell pledged $1,000,000 of personal funds through the Satell Institute to support Nonprofit Affiliates of the Satell Institute with this message:
“These funds are urgently needed by nonprofit organizations due to the extreme impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Nonprofits, who I see as the heroes of our society, must be able to carry out their important mission-driven purposes that are so vital to overcoming real problems that exist for people within the community.”
In a short space of days, the business and civic leadership of the region, Members of the Satell Institute, surged to meet Ed’s challenge.
So many Members were inspired to choose to contribute considerably more than their match to the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice!  Almost $3,000,000 in funds went to more than 70 Nonprofit Affiliates!

This is Corporate Social Responsibility in action!

This is thinking WE, not just me on a grand scale!

Thank YOU for your generosity.

Partnership Stories

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Resources for Member Communication

Member-Only LinkedIn Forum

Continue the peer conversation on how to identify and choose effective partners, build strong initiatives, and measure against contemporary benchmarks in our online forum on LinkedIn.

The Satell Institute continues to grow, building the movement for effective CSR.


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Why the Four-Year Commitment?​ Why a Minimum of $25,000 Per Year?​ Why is There No Membership Fee?