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Businesses and Foundation Members in Alpha Order

Advertising Specialty Institute
Norman Cohn, Chairman

Alike Foundation
Brad Aronson, Founder

Almo Corporation
Gene Chaiken, Chairman

American Heritage Federal Credit Union
Bruce Foulke, President & CEO

Marc Bruno, COO, US Food and Facilities

Ash Family Foundation
Frank Ash, Founder

Bank of America
James (Jim) Dever Jr., Market President

BB&T / Truist Bank
Travis Rhodes, Regional President

Benco Dental Company
Charles Cohen, CEO

Boyds Philadelphia
Kent Gushner, President

Les Seskin, Chairman

Marc Brownstein, President & CEO

Bryn Mawr Trust
Frank Leto, President & CEO

Campus Apartments, Inc.
Dan Bernstein, President

Citizens Bank
Daniel K. Fitzpatrick, President

Citrin Cooperman
Mark Carrow & Leon J. Dutkiewicz, Jr., Partner

Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation & Comcast Corporation
Dalila Wilson-Scott, President & Executive VP & Chief Diversity Officer

Conner Strong & Buckelew
Michael Tiagwad, CEO

Conservest Capital Advisors
Bruce Kardon, CIO

Corteva (Dow DuPont)
Henri Moore, Head of Global Responsibility

Customers Bank
Richard Ehst, President & CEO

D&H Distributing
Michael Schwab, Co-President

Danella Companies
Joe Spause, Vice President

David & Marjorie Rosenberg Family Foundation
David Rosenberg, Founder

Dena & Morey Goldberg Family Fund
Morey Goldberg, Founder

Differential Venture Partners
David Magerman, CEO

Don Caldwell Philanthropies
Don Caldwell, Founder

ELITE Salons & Suites
Robert Keyes, President & CEO

Enon Tabernacle Business Foundation
Rev. Dr. Alyn Waller, Senior Pastor

Enterprise Holdings
Craig Snelgrove, General Manager

Enterprise Holdings Central Pennsylvania
Gregory Cavoli, General Manager

Essential Utilities, Inc.
Chris Franklin, Chairman & CEO

Firstrust Bank
Richard Green, Chairman & CEO

Gilbane, Inc.
Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr. CEO

Golf Genius Software
Michael D. Zisman, Co-CEO

Green Family Foundation
Amy Holdsman, Executive Director

Gwynn Philanthropies
Ramona Gwynn, Founder

Hamilton Family Charitable Trust
Nathaniel Hamilton, Trustee

Hankin Group
Chrissy Helmig, CFO

Harvest Restaurant Holdings
David Magrogan, CEO

Holt Logistics Corporation
Thomas J. Holt III, Manager & Co-owner

Independence Asset Advisors
Scott Renninger, CEO

Independence Blue Cross Foundation
Lorina Marshall-Blake, President

Jackson Family Charitable Fund
Scott Jackson, Founder

Steve Klasko, CEO

JP Morgan Private Bank
Stephen T. Wright, Managing Director

Kahan Family Fund
Barry Kahan, Founder

Robert Kane, Market President

Leah & Ed Frankel Support Foundation
Leah & Ed Frankel

Lenfest Foundation
Keith Leaphart, Chairman

M&T Bank
Bernard T. Shields, Regional President

Main Line Health
Jack Lynch, President & CEO

Mark & Paula Solomon Family Philanthropies
Mark Solomon, Founder
Martin’s Snacks
Butch Potter, CEO

Robert (Rip) B. Collins, Jr., CEO & President

Meder Philanthropy
Mary Meder, Founder

McCormick Taylor
Tom Caramanico, President

MCS Industries Inc.
Richard Master, CEO

Michael Kelly Philanthropy
Michael Kelly, Founder

MKM Foundation
Anne Vogelmann, Trustee

Morgan Stanley
Tom Paluszynski, Vice President

NJM Insurance Group
Mitchell A. Livingston, President & CEO

Osagie O. Imasogie Philanthropy
Osagie O. Imasogie Esq., Founder

PA Health & Wellness
Justin Davis, CEO

Paris Corporation
Gerry Toscani, CEO

Michael Innocenzo, CEO

Penske Transportation Solutions
Mike Duff, VP, Community Engagement

Philadelphia 76ers
Chris Heck, President

Philadelphia Flyers Charities
Denise Sullivan, Executive Director

Philadelphia Foundation
Pedro A. Ramos, President & CEO

Philadelphia Phillies
Kathy Killian, VP

Philadelphia Union
Tim McDermott, President

Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust
David Seltzer, Trustee

Power Home Remodeling
Adam Kaliner, Founder & CEO

PNC Bank
Joe Meterchick, Regional President

PRWT Services, Inc.
Malik Majeed, CEO

Retail Sites
Robert M. Hill, President

Richard & Susan Master Family Foundation
Susan Master, Founder

Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld, LLC
Neil A Cooper, Executive Partner
David Antzis, Partner

Michele Juliana, Principal
Paul Marvel, Managing Partner

Sabre Systems
Philip Jaurigue, CEO

Sage Financial Group
Alan Cohn, Co-President,
Stephen Cohn, Co-President

Sandmeyer Steel
Ronald Sandmeyer, Jr., CEO

Stan & Arlene Ginsburg Family Foundation
Stanley Ginsburg, Founder

Stradley Ronon
William (Bill) Sasso, Chairman

Tansey Family Fund
Steve Tansey, Founder

TD Bank
Tom Shoemaker, Pennsylvania Market President

The Buck Family Fund
James M. Buck III

The Davis Foundation
John Iskrant

The GIANT Company
Nick Bertram, President

The Graham Company
Mike Mitchell, Vice Chairman

The Kennedy Companies
Robert Kennedy, CEO

The Satell Family Foundation
Ed Satell, Founder

Tozour Energy Systems
Kevin Duffy, President

UGI Corporation
John L. Walsh, CEO

UGI Utilities, Inc.
Bob Beard, President

Umbrecht Family Fund
Richard L. Umbrecht, Founder

Suchit Bachalli, CEO

United Healthcare
Dan Tropeano, CEO

Vertex, Inc.
David DeStefano, CEO

Wawa Foundation
Chris Gheysens, CEO

John Weidenhammer, President

Wells Fargo
Joe Kirk, President

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
Eric M. Green, President & CEO

Rodger Levenson, Chairman, President & CEO

ZRF Global LLC
Felicite Moorman, Founder

Private CEO Conference

We offer our members private, invitation-only, CEO conferences for their enrichment. Members are always encouraged to bring CEO guests—potential members—leaders of organizations interested in CSR.

Each conference includes the Satell Institute hallmark—moderated peer executive round tables, with a mix of for-profit, CSR and nonprofit leaders at each. Participants discuss and question best practices as well as strategies of how to make the biggest impact with CSR programs. 

The CEO Conferences take place twice a year. The next event will be held in Fall 2021.

Spring 2020 CEO Conference


Member Programs

Million Dollar Match

Our nonprofit affiliates and ― by extension, our communities ― were the beneficiaries of the Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity.  On May 4, 2020, Ed Satell pledged $1,000,000 of personal funds through the Satell Institute to support Nonprofit Affiliates of the Satell Institute with this message:

“These funds are urgently needed by nonprofit organizations due to the extreme impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Nonprofits, who I see as the heroes of our society, must be able to carry out their important mission-driven purposes that are so vital to overcoming real problems that exist for people within the community.”

In a short space of days, the business and civic leadership of the region, Members of the Satell Institute, surged to meet Ed’s challenge.

So many Members were inspired to choose to contribute considerably more than their match to the Nonprofit Affiliate of their choice!  Almost $3,000,000 in funds went to more than 70 Nonprofit Affiliates!

“We are grateful to civic leaders like Mr. Satell for his commitment to our region’s nonprofit community, and for his extraordinary generosity to incentivize corporate leaders to help those organizations to serve our region’s most vulnerable populations.”
– Daniel K. Fitzpatrick, President, Citizens Bank

“Thank you for your leadership, compassion and generosity.”
– Daniel R. Tropeano, CEO, UnitedHealthcare of PA and DE

“This is a wonderful gesture by Ed. Our affiliates are going to be thrilled to receive these contributions. Have a blessed day.”
– Bev Hendry, CEO, Aberdeen Standard Investments

“Ed’s vision has always been around supporting the community. We’re grateful to participate in this opportunity, doubling the dollars to Nonprofit Affiliates. We’re all in this together.”
– John L. Walsh, CEO of UGI Corporation, SI Vice Chair for Conferences and a Founding Member

“As I mentioned at the last meeting, I wanted WSFS to join the Satell Institute because I have known Ed for 20+ years and have seen his passion and empathy towards those less fortunate than many of us. This announcement confirms my beliefs.”
– Rodger Levenson, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, WSFS Bank

“Essential Utilities is proud to be part of the Million Dollar Match. Ed Satell’s generosity provides yet another opportunity to strengthen our community during this difficult time. Together we will make a difference. Thank you, Ed.”
– Chris Franklin, Chairman & CEO, Essential Utilities

This is Corporate Social Responsibility in action!

This is thinking WE, not just me on a grand scale!

Thank YOU for your generosity.

Partnership Stories

Franklin C. Ash
Ash Family Foundation


Nancy Astor Fox
Chief Development Officer
JEVS Human Services

Make hope happen

Kathy Killian
Vice President, Administration
The Phillies


Ellyn C. Phillips
Board Chair
The ALS Association, Greater Philadelphia Chapter

The Natural Connection

Dan Koval
Corporate Initiatives Manager
Bentley Systems, Inc.


Anne Shuniak
Marketing & Communications Manager
Chester County Food Bank

Advancing Infrastructure to move Beyond Hunger

Karen DeLise
Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development
UGI Utilities, Inc.


Dr. Frederic Bertley
Senior VP of Science & Education
The Franklin Institute   

Business taking responsibility for encouraging its potential future workforce

Deborah O’Brien
Market Executive
Bank of America


Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend
President & CEO
Philadelphia Youth Network

Investing in young people, creating our future

Brad Aronson
Alike Foundation


Dan Rhoton
Executive Director

Moving Forward Together

Vernita Dorsey
SVP, Director of Corporate Strategy


Tamara Smith
Executive Director
Teach for America – Delaware

Partnering to lead education to excellence

Kevin Duffy
Tozour Energy Systems


Peggy Sweeney
National Liberty Museum

Empowering student leadership, civic engagement and positive values

Mary Meder
Harmelin Media


Matt Aaron
President & CEO
Special Olympics PA

Real Partnership ― teamwork, leadership, self- discipline and confidence

Ed Satell
Progressive Business Publications


Michael Lowe
Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School

A powerful 22-year partnership

"I think that perhaps the most dramatic change is the one that has been initiated by the Satell Institute to get business leaders working together to commit their organization in a very meaningful way to CSR. I believe this is the first really concerted effort to unify the business community behind CSR. Prior to this time, everyone did their own thing and there was some effort to bring people together, but nothing as successful as what the Satell Institute has done in a very short period of time."
Bill sasso
Chairman, Stradley Ronon
“Multi-year funding is a critical part of any CSR program, however, almost as important is the level of involvement between the for-profit company and their nonprofit partner. You can’t just throw money at an issue and you can’t unilaterally decide how to help people. It’s unfair and overly paternalistic. Funding must be a joint decision based on intelligence from all parties. If you don’t work with (and get agreement with) your partner to align on goals, you’re just tossing money at an issue instead of solving a problem. You need a plan and a constructive strategy wherein everyone is involved in the process. That’s where the Satell Institute comes in – they make the connection and their multi-year funding commitment ensures each side is held accountable to results."
Henri Moore
Global Leader of the Center of Philanthropy and Education, DuPont
“I like the feeling I get that I’m not alone, that other CEOs in the area feel as strongly as I do about CSR. I like to hear other CEOs discuss their experiences with CSR and why they made their choices. The ideas we exchange at meetings are invaluable. By partnering together, we make a more dramatic effect on the communities we’re trying to help. I also like the educational wing of the Satell Institute. We get incredible research and information that simply isn’t available elsewhere."
Joe Dougherty
CEO & Managing Director, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

                                                            Resources for Member Communication   

Member-Only LinkedIn Forum

Continue the peer conversation on how to identify and choose effective partners, build strong initiatives, and measure against contemporary benchmarks in our online forum on LinkedIn.

                The Satell Institute continues to grow, building the                                                       movement for effective CSR.


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