Leadership in a Time of Crisis



On Monday May 4th, the Satell Institute announced the Ed Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity, an emergency funding initiative to support the widely diverse Nonprofit Affiliate Members of the Institute.

This proactive challenge is a matching gift opportunity, including a $1,000,000 contribution of personal funds by Ed Satell through the Satell Institute.

The response from the Satell Institute Members and other leaders to financially help nonprofits has been tremendous. As of this writing (and the numbers are changing each day) more than 50 nonprofits have already received matches, with many of the Institute Corporate Members contributing considerably more than the $10,000 match per nonprofit – totaling, so far, over $2,400,000 raised in only 12 business days through this initiative.

More than 70 Corporate and Foundation Members of the Institute, business leaders and other individuals are already participating, including some of the biggest enterprises in the region, mid-size companies and smaller businesses, along with highly committed individuals, all supporting the well-being of Philadelphia and the Central Pennsylvania region’s crucial nonprofit sector in this especially challenging time.

In announcing the Million Dollar Match Opportunity, Ed Satell said, “These funds are urgently needed by nonprofit organizations due to the extreme impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Nonprofits, who I see as the heroes of our society, must be able to carry out their important mission-driven purposes that are so vital to overcoming real problems that exist for people within the community.”

In a short space of days, the business and civic leadership of these regions, Members of the Satell Institute, have surged to meet Ed’s challenge and recommitted, in an unprecedented way, to the principles of the Satell Institute―including that America’s free enterprise system, which has produced a greater quality of life and more freedom than any other in the world, or in history, is a two-sided coin―with the for-profit sector generating the jobs and wealth which make all else possible, and a nonprofit sector which is essential to the well-being of our communities.

Satell said, “We’ve always believed ‘Think We not Me’. The Satell Institute stands for the strengthening of the indispensable partnership in our communities between the business and nonprofit sectors, and we know that reinforcing that partnership is even more vital in challenging moments such as this.”

As Institute Members have made their matching gifts to meet Ed’s challenge, a number have sent the Institute thoughtful comments on this path forward including:

I am so proud to be a part of what Ed is doing to help where the need is great. He genuinely wants to make this world a better place. We are only on this earth for a short time, and the differences that Ed makes will outlast all of us.

  • Bruce Foulke, CEO, American Heritage Federal Credit Union

When Ed Satell calls, action follows! It is important and valued to be part of this movement.  Nonprofits have never more needed support than now!

  • Sam Katz, CEO, History Making Productions

Ed, thanks so much for your incredible personal generosity and leadership on these critical issues.  You certainly practice what you preach and lead from the front.  Happy to partner.

  • Dan Fitzpatrick, Market President, Citizens Bank

Comcast NBCUniversal is grateful to participate. Thank you for your leadership and enabling us, and others, to amplify the work of nonprofits in our community, especially in this critical time of need.

  • Dalila Wilson-Scott, President, Comcast NBC Universal Foundation

Essential Utilities is proud to be part of the Million Dollar Match. Ed Satell’s generosity provides yet another opportunity to strengthen our community during this difficult time. Together we will make a difference.  Thank you, Ed.

  • Chris Franklin, Chairman & CEO, Essential Utilities

The only thing bigger than Ed Satell’s generosity is Ed Satell’s compassion for helping the nonprofit community.  This $1,000,000 Match is simply the latest example.

  • Marc Brownstein, CEO, Brownstein Group

About The Satell Institute

The Satell Institute is a Think and Do Tank Dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)™.  There are no dues or fees to become a Member of this CEO organization.  To be a Member, the Corporation or Foundation must contribute a minimum of $25,000 a year for four years ($100,000 or more total) to a nonprofit of their choice.  That sponsored nonprofit then becomes a Nonprofit Affiliate of the Satell Institute.

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