Leadership for Recovery – Reopening the American Economy


On June 24, 2020, the Satell Institute will conduct its latest private and educational CEO Conference.

In keeping with health and safety guidance, the Institute will break new ground by convening this Conference via a broadcast-quality live stream production from Liberty Hall in the Museum of the American Revolution. Uniquely, this CEO event will honor safe social distancing and showcase the success-focused strategies and insights of its nationally renowned keynote speaker. The agenda will also include a medical expert and top business leader panel—moderated, with real-time questions from the virtual audience.

Ed Satell said: “In the lead up to our nation’s Independence Day, just six years shy of America’s quarter millennium anniversary, and in the face of these unprecedented challenging times, the Satell Institute will convene what is perhaps its most important conference yet, a CEO Ideas Summit focused on strategies for effective recovery.”

This Conference, scheduled following the overwhelmingly successful Satell Million Dollar Match Opportunity, which has yielded well over two million dollars in additional support for more than 60 highly diverse, Philadelphia community nonprofits, will serve as a powerful look forward ― to both the planning in our community for economic recovery and the robust reinvestment in the indispensable partnership between the corporate and nonprofit sectors of our free enterprise system.

Satell Institute Members want and need positive thoughts based on successful experiences in the region and across the nation. This Conference provides the opportunity to hear from nationally known and respected leaders on managing in these turbulent times. The Satell Institute is proud to present Leadership for Recovery—Reopening the American Economy. We are expecting record attendance.

About The Satell Institute

The Satell Institute is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan, fully endowed think and do tank focused on three purposes:

  1. Encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Fostering CSR to benefit people and enhance communities where they live and work.

  1. Encouraging Free Enterprise

Recognizing the unique value that free enterprise brings to the community.  Like people, companies, and government, it is not perfect.  Yet history shows it has the best long-term track record by far for creating and influencing community, economic and other growth. It does this through better job creation, better incentives, more productivity, better efficiency, more innovation and more freedom, bringing the most prosperity, quality-of-life and upward mobility to the most people in the history of the world.

  1. Encouraging Partnering with Nonprofits

The most efficient and effective way for companies to positively impact the community is to choose to financially partner with nonprofits whose mission, infrastructure and expertise are aligned with their goals. Often nonprofits are the best and most effective problem solvers of personal and community, quality of life issues including healthcare, education, poverty, disease, food insecurity, aging, developmental opportunities for youth,  physical, psychological and mental disabilities, the arts, life-changing research and more.

Community is Every Leader’s Business.

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