Groundbreaking Scientific Evidence that CSR Affects Consumer Purchasing Behavior



As a result of independent, groundbreaking research commissioned by the Satell Institute, significant statistical evidence has been found for the proposition that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including community and philanthropic support, drive favorable consumer perceptions of companies and positively impact actual, individual consumer purchasing behavior.

The research was designed by the University of Pennsylvania and administered by the University of Indiana. The purpose was to provide the first credible, statistical evidence that CSR positively affects customer purchasing behavior.

With results obtained, this study provides new evidence of the positive CSR effects for companies across four different domains: 1. Community and Philanthropic Support, 2. Human Rights and Ethical Conduct, 3. Employee Development and Support, and 4. Environmental Sustainability.

This study’s principal researcher, Dr. Peter Frumkin, Research Director for the Satell Institute and the Mindy and Andrew Heyer Chair in Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, said “while there will naturally be some companies for which the business case for CSR will be more important than for others, this study provides hard evidence that a company’s CSR work can actually shape purchasing behavior of the company’s intended customers and contribute positively and directly to the company’s bottom line.”

Previously there was a growing body of sophisticated, social scientific evidence showing that in the crucial space of talent acquisition and retention, corporate CSR has a very positive impact on acquiring the quality talent needed to compete in today’s marketplace. This recent study now provides credible statistical evidence and new knowledge that CSR also can actually positively affect consumer purchasing behavior.

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Scott O’Neil, CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, to be Keynote Speaker at the Satell Institute Private CEO Conference

More than 150 of the region’s top CEOs and business leaders are attracted to attend this semi-annual conference on April 10 in Philadelphia, focused on the increasingly important business case for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The theme of the conference is Dream it! Do it! Learn from it! The conference is focused on idea exchange, based on free enterprise values, to inspire effective CSR.

Scott O’Neil, a recognized national leader for creating a strong corporate culture centered on CSR, will be the keynote speaker at the Conference. He believes leaders of iconic sports and entertainment brands, should use the mantle of sports to make a positive impact on the community through mission-driven community partnerships, employee volunteers and local investments to achieve community solutions.

Scott is CEO of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment which includes the Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), New Jersey Devils (NHL), Prudential Center, Team Dignitas, Delaware 87ers (NBA G League), and Binghamton Devils (AHL). Scott’s focus on CSR, talent, and culture has created a dramatic business success in a highly-competitive industry.

The Conference will also feature remarks from other top leaders including Marcus Allen, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region. Marcus, a former sports hero turned nonprofit leader, grew his nonprofit dramatically and simultaneously attracted many new partners increasing their visibility.

Following these notable addresses, there will be significant time allotted for the Conference hallmark – candid peer-to-peer discussions on effective CSR practices.

This event is by invitation only. Space is limited and filling quickly. Members are encouraged to register themselves and their qualified guests early by emailing or calling 610-854-6246.

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