Member Partnerships

With continued support from Vertex, many graduates of Main Line Chamber of Commerce programs will be walking the hallways of top businesses in the region.
Vertex, Inc. has joined the Satell Institute Collective Force as a founding corporate member by making a four-year commitment to the Developing Talent Initiative Program through the Main Line Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s Talent and Education Network aims to connect students from 20 colleges and universities in the Philadelphia region with potential employers. Along with connecting students to potential employers, the Talent and Education Network also encourages companies to learn from each other’s best practices in supporting effective talent pipeline initiatives and providing professional development opportunities for students in the region.
Vertex’s partnership with the Main Line Chamber of Commerce’s Talent and Education Network highlights an example of a mutually beneficial relationship between a for-profit company and a nonprofit affiliate. The Talent and Education Network is an extremely valuable tool for employees in the region, and Vertex employees have taken full advantage of the Talent and Education Network’s offerings.
President and CEO

We give to them (Main Line Chamber of Commerce’s Talent and Education Network) not just because we want to support a valuable organization, but our employees also very much benefit from the development programs they provide.