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“This partnership has become a dream come true. Interestingly, with time, this program has bonded with so many of our employees. It has become part of the ‘win-win’ that they want to see continue benefit themselves, the students, the school, and the company itself.”
Ed Satell
CEO, Progressive Business Publications

Progressive Business Publications has transformed the Cook-Wissahickon School, altering the lives of thousands of children in the process.

Progressive Business Publications (PBP) has joined the Satell Institute Collective Force as a founding corporate member by making a four-year pledge to Cook-Wissahickon Elementary School. Since PBP has partnered with Cook-Wissahickon, the school has gone from the bottom 20% of Philadelphia school rankings to the top 20%. As a result, Cook-Wissahickon now has a waiting list as students as parents see all of the amazing things being accomplished by the partnership.

PBP has played a unique and extremely successful role in Cook-Wissahickon School throughout its 21-year partnership. PBP asks Cook-Wissahickon’s principal what is needed on a yearly basis and focuses only on those initiatives. PBP does not get involved with academics or take over programs; those are left to the professionals. PBP provides three core programs to the school, the Student Mentorship Program, Before-School Program, and After-School Program. Over 40 PBP employees acts as mentors each year, offering moral support and guidance to the students who need it most. The Before-School Program provides a healthy breakfast and a safe environment for students whose families need to be at work early, while the After-School Program includes healthy and fun programs, developmental activities, sports programs, snacks, and monitored homework assistance. In addition to these three core programs, PBP funds a series of support programs that have had a tremendous impact on the school community.

“Mr. Satell and Progressive Business Publications have been the answer to every parent’s question: ‘What do we do with our children while we work?’ Thank you all for the morning and after-school programs. You have truly been our savior.”
Rosemarie Fuscellaro
Director of After-School Program, Cook-Wissahickon School

Partnership In Action

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