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Institute Hallmark – Candid CEO Breakout Idea Exchange Sessions
Moderated virtual table discussions among peers

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Speakers and Agenda

Keynote Speaker – A Fireside Chat with Bruce Van Saun

About Bruce Van Saun

Chairman & CEO of Citizens Financial Group, Inc.

  • Named Banker of the Year 2019 by American Banker due to his superior innovation and great success in making his bank an industry standout.
  • Director of Moody’s, Board Member of the Bank Policy Institute.
  • Oversaw the company’s IPO and the subsequent doubling of return on equity and earnings per share.

Featured Presenter – Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., M.B.A.

About Stephen K. Klasko

President, Thomas Jefferson University & CEO, Jefferson Health
  • #2 in Modern Healthcare’s Most Influential People in Healthcare in the country
  • Distinguished Fellow of the World Economic Forum

Top Diverse Business Leader Panel Discussion on how to successfully reopen the economy across industry sectors.

Questions submitted by our Members.

Real time virtual audience participation.


Institute Hallmark—Candid CEO Breakout Sessions for Peer Idea Exchange

Moderated virtual table discussions among peers.

At the conclusion of the Business Leader Panel Discussion, please click on the Zoom link to join your assigned CEO Breakout Session.

“While I was certainly aware of the Satell Institute, it wasn’t until I attended their CEO Conference as a guest that I was truly blown away by the caliber of the CEOs involved. I signed up on the spot. I have a decent amount of years ahead of me in my career, and I feel like it’s important to never stop learning. I also believe that in order to do big things, you have to partner together to have a greater impact. That’s the real value of the Satell Institute – it’s a collective force that can really create change. At UHC, we’re accustomed to longer-term engagements with our nonprofits, so the multi-year commitment required for Satell Institute members felt natural. And while we tend to have national partnerships, we know that all things happen at a local level.”
Dan Tropeano
CEO in PA & DE, United Healthcare
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