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2021 Satell Scholars

New Pilot Program

2021 Satell Institute Internship Program Expanded to Include Philadelphia High School Students

The 2021 Satell Institute Intern Program brought together five talented undergraduate and graduate students (Senior Scholars) with a deep interest in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Their 12-week commitment to the Satell Institute allowed them to learn firsthand from business and nonprofit leaders and support the mission of the Institute.

New this year, the Satell Institute’s internship opportunity was expanded to also include a pilot program open to Philadelphia high school students, also known as Junior Scholars, to learn about CSR and the impact that organizations can have on communities from the Senior Scholars, Institute partners, and staff.

The Senior Scholars created content that introduced the Junior Scholars to the world of CSR. They developed educational materials including presentations, assignments, and assessments on topics that ranged from CSR 101 and Nonprofits to Resume Writing and Emotional Intelligence – a favorite of the local high school students. In addition to the CSR education and building valuable life skills, the Senior Scholars worked with the high school students to create meaningful videos that tell the stories of the Institute’s Corporate & Foundation Members and Nonprofit Affiliates.

During the four-week internship, 11 Philadelphia students worked with Senior Scholars to create videos as part of a series called CSR Stories: Impact & Innovation. Together, the Senior Scholars worked with and mentored the Junior Scholars while overseeing the research, interviewing leaders from one of the Satell Institute’s Corporate & Foundation Members or Nonprofit Affiliates, creating storyboards, and finally editing and producing a video. The complete catalog of videos created by the Satell Scholars is below.

2021 Satell Scholar Videos
CSR Stories: Impact & Innovation

Additional partner videos created by the 2021 Satell Scholars will be added daily.

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