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Beyond Good Intentions: Designing CSR Initiatives for Greater Social Impact

This article discusses the progression of literature focused on assessing the performance of CSR initiatives. The authors offer a new approach to CSR research designs to better measure impact over activity.

Defining the Socially Responsible Leader: Revisiting Issues in Responsible Leadership

This article renews an exchange of letters regarding the meaning of responsible leadership for senior executives engaging in CSR.

When Is There a Sustainability Case for CSR? Pathways to Environmental and Social Performance Improvements.

This article seeks to understand the pathway of improved environmental and social performance from CSR. To do this, they develop a theoretical framework to examine pathways from institutional pressures through CSR management to sustainability performance.

CSR commitments, perceptions of hypocrisy, and recovery

Highlights the results of two studies covering the impact of a business’ social responsibility initiatives on repute, brand and customer loyalty while cautioning that CSR efforts must be genuine in their motivation or risk consumer backlash.

A Crisis of Ethics in Technology Innovation

Technology companies are being forced to find their way as they innovate the customer experience and face scrutiny from that same public.  At issue are the values on which free and civilized society rests.

The Social Responsibility of Business is to Create Value for Stakeholders

Argues that business needs a new story, one that champions responsible capitalism.

What Does a Corporate Responsibility Manager Do?

Three focus areas are offered up as the key roles of a corporate responsibility manager by Alberto Andreu Pinillos, global head of Organizational Development & Corporate Culture at Spanish telecom giant Telefónica.  Excellent food for thought: Foresight, Nurturing and Evangelism. Get out ahead of the curve of issues facing our world, support and grow your internal initiatives and spread the word to gain broad support and partnership.

CEO Greed, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Organizational Resilience to Systemic Shocks

Explores the inviable connection between leadership, CSR, profits and business strength in the face of challenging economic times.

Beyond Good Intentions: Designing CSR Initiatives for Greater Social Impact

A powerful assessment of the impact of CSR and recommended approaches to ensuring valid and desired social change.

On the 2019 Business Roundtable “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation”

Stakeholders vs. Shareholders, its implication for management theory and practice and is a broader view needed to encompass both?

Sharing Economy, Sharing Responsibility? Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Age

An in-depth analysis of the impact of technology on many long-held frameworks that test the limits of business ethics.

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Who Really Cares about
Corporate Social Responsibility?

A lab experiment on the impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on consumers’ purchasing behavior.  The research demonstrates new evidence that CSR positively affects actual purchasing behavior.

Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Brand Attitudes: An Exploratory Study

This research reviews customer-brand research related to business ethics and social responsibility and conducts a study to evaluate customer attitudes.

Leadership and the Creation of Corporate Social Responsibility: An Introduction to the Special Issue

A view into the role business plays and the extent of its responsibility in addressing an increasingly broad array of societal issues.

The Process Model of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication: CSR Communication and its Relationship with Consumers’ CSR Knowledge, Trust, and Corporate Reputation Perception.

Outlines the results of a national survey of US consumers regarding the impact of CSR communications on their view of the company with findings that are not at all predictable.

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Employee Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility; A collection of essays

Companies are increasingly allocating resources to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and trying to engage their employees in their efforts. 

Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment Efficiency

This study provides strong and evidence that high CSR involvement increases investment efficiency.

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Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Corporate Financial Performance: A Competitive-Action Perspective

This research attempts to provide a nuanced view of the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and firm financial performance using a competitive-action perspective.  

September 2015, Journal of Management

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Tell Me Your Socially Responsible practices, I will tell you how attractive for recruitment you are! The impact of perceived CSR on organizational attractiveness

This experimental study seeks to extend the current knowledge about the impact of CSR on organizational attractiveness by analyzing the mediation role of corporate image.

January 2015, Research Gate

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The Link Between Job Satisfaction and Firm Value, With Implications for Corporate Social Responsibility.

How are job satisfaction and firm value linked? I tackle this long-standing management question using a new methodology from finance.

November 2012, Academy of Management

Employee Engagement and CSR: Transactional, Relational, and Developmental Approaches

This article looks at the relevance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for engaging employees, including its impact on their motivation, identity, and sense of meaning and purpose.

June 2012, California Management Review

Why are Job Seekers Attracted to Socially Responsible Companies? Testing Underlying Mechanisms.

Job seekers tend to be more attracted to organizations known for corporate social responsibility (CSR), but research is needed to better understand the underlying mechanisms.

August 2010, Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings

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Maximizing Business Returns to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Role of CSR Communication

By engaging in CSR activities, companies can not only generate favorable stakeholder attitudes and better support behaviors, but also, over the long run, build corporate image, strengthen stakeholder-company relationships, and enhance stakeholders’ advocacy behaviors.

January 2010, International Journal of Management Reviews

A History of Corporate Social Responsibility: Concepts and Practices

It becomes apparent that today, well into the first decade of the 200s, CSR in many firms is moving towards full integration with strategic management and corporate governance.

September 2009, Oxford Handbooks Online

The Role of Identity Salience in the Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Behavior

Based on the assumptions that consumers will reward firms for their support of social programs, many organizations have adopted corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices.

January 2009, Journal of Business Ethics

The Ethical Commitment to Compliance: Building Value-Based Cultures

Our goal is to articulate a broader role for the ethics and compliance officer than the traditional one of managing compliance with organizational rules via monitoring and sanctioning.

2008, California Management Review

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The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility: A Company-level Measurement Approach for CSR

Using a theoretical approach a multi-step measurement model is developed that allows managers to evaluate their company-specific business case for CSR.

2008, European Management Journal

Using Corporate Social Responsibility to Win the War for Talent.

With a finite number of extraordinary employees to go around, the competition for them is fierce.

2008, MIT Sloan Management Review

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A Framework for Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility Programs as a Continuum: An Exploratory Study

This paper argues that CSR programs can fall along a continuum between two endpoints: Institutionalized programs and Promotional programs.

January 2007, Journal of Business Ethics​

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Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives: Examining the Role of Brand-Cause Fit in Cause-Related Marketing

Through a controlled experiment, this study demonstrates that an ad with an embedded cause-related marketing (CRM) message, compared with a similar one without a CRM message, elicits more favorable consumer attitude toward the company.

2007, Journal of Advertising

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Employee Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility: an Organizational Justice Framework.

We seek to bridge the macro concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with micro research in organizational justice.

May 2006, Journal of Organizational Behavior

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance

Socially responsible corporate performance can be associated with a series of bottom-line benefits.

2004, Open Access Publications from the University of California

Consumer-Company Identification: A Framework for Understanding Consumers' Relationships with Companies

The authors try to determine why and under what conditions consumers enter into strong, committed, and meaningful relationships with certain companies, becoming champions of these companies and their products. 

April 2003, Journal of Marketing

The Blended Value Proposition: Integrating Social and Financial Returns

In truth, the core nature of investment and return is not a trade off between social and financial interest but rather the pursuit of an embedded value proposition composed of both.

2003, California Management Review

The authors reviewed more than 70 studies concerning employees’ general belief that their work organization values their contribution and cares about their well-being. 

August 2002, Journal of Applied Psychology

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Fault Lines in the Intersection between Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Do companies have social consciences or is that treating them wrongly, as moral agents, like human beings?

July 2002, UNSW Law Journal

Corporate Social Responsibility: Evolution of a Definitional Construct

In the 1990s, CSR continues to serve as a core construct but yields to or in transformed into alternative thematic frameworks.

September 1999, Business and Society

Cause-Related Marketing: A Coalignment of Marketing Strategy and Corporate Philanthropy

The authors outline the concept of cause-related marketing, its characteristics, and how organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, can benefit from effective use of this promising marketing tool.

July 1988, Journal of Marketing

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Corporate Social Performance and Organizational Attractiveness to Prospective Employees

Drawing on propositions from social identity theory and signaling theory, we hypothesized that firms’ corporate social performance (CSP) is related positively to their reputations and to their attractiveness as employers.

1996, Academy of Management Journal

“Nonprofits have a sense of relief when they know they will have the resources that they will need to accomplish their mission. It enables them to plan ahead and use their time most effectively. This is one of the factors that attracted us to the Satell Institute in the first place. As a corporate affiliate of the Satell Institute, we are benefiting from best practices and learning from other organizations that are taking Corporate Social Responsibility to the next level. We’re always looking to get better at what we do, and this opportunity takes another step in that direction."
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